Jabra Enhance Plus

Does anyone have experience with this new device? (Note: not the “Pro”, but the new “Plus”.) Not yet widely available. Interesting to me. Abram Bailey did a quick article here on Hearing Tracker about them in February. So far, they are mostly available at Beltone outlets, not yet more widely.

Have you seen them at all? The big thing that I don’t like at first sight (I haven’t used or seem them in person) is that they look like Bluetooth earbuds. I know they will probably do a decent job on some losses, it’s just that I would rather the bte aspect of the ric aids. However, it does look intriguing

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I have not :blush:. For 2 yrs though, I have been wearing Bose Hearphones, which are very visible. I love them, but they are wired to a collar. No one ever comments, or asks me about them. Perhaps they are just shy. The Hearphones don’t seem to have put anyone off, so far as I can tell, and they do a great job of hearing …for my life.

That’s awesome that they work. I decided that for about twice the price I’d go all the way to full blown aids - and my loss would not have worked well with the bose.

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I, too, decided to purchase “full blown” aids…especially when I found out the Jabra Enhance Plus only works with iOS devices currently. There is no current support for Android devices which I use. I understand, however, that Jabra is working on a version that will work with Android devices in the future. So…if you currently use an Android phone, you would either need to switch to an iPhone or look for a different option.

Yes, we read that they only work with iOS (iPhone etc) at present, but are working on an Android-compatible release. Thanks for pointing this out.

I’m still very interested in these, but have not bought. They still are not compatible with Android (I use iOS). They are available from Jabra direct, or on Amazon. Both offer easy returns, if not satisfied. I’m surprised that there is still is no posting here from someone who has tried them. Unlike many people I am not averse to a ‘visible’ device, ie, one that sits in my ear vs. a BTE model. In fact, I’ve come to dislike the BTH. When I finally try these, I will leave a comment on the overview articles that have appeared here on Hearing Tracker where there is already an excellent video review to watch.

I can tell you the “PRO” sucks!

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Not interested in the PRO model.

For you! I have the equivalent Resound One’s and am very pleased. The fault may be with you and Costco, not the aids. Or the aids may not work well for your loss. But to just proclaim “they suck” is not reflective of most users.

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You are right,but a few of us had nothing, but, problems with them,my old hearing were resounds and I loved them, I had them for 9 years,but,they were discontinue,so I thought getting another resound model would be just as good,but,was very disappointed,

I trialed these last summer. The sound was fine, I could hear at least as well as I hear with my Resound Fortes, but the occlusion was terrible, so I returned them after wearing them for an hour or less.

Thanks for your experience! I’ve been wearing Bose Hearphones for several years. They also fill my ear w/ a silicone lip, so I guess I’m living w/ the occlusion, and it doesn’t affect me. . . but we’ll see if the Jabras feel different. My traditional HAs are an earlier ReSound model, BTE.