I've about had it with the VA

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and help. I was in the USMC from 1962 until 1966. I was in avionics and had to work around jet aircraft. When I got out my hearing was impaired but not too bad. Over the years it became so bad that I retired early. I plan to make an appointment with a VA advocate as soon as the virus lets me do so. Thanks again for the help.


Hearing aids can suck.
They can be annoying, frustrating and in general a big PIA.
Having said that, the most important thing I learned from this site is that hearing aids take 100 percent commitment.
You have to be committed for the long haul.
That means even when they suck you stick with it.
Have you read some of the CI stories.
Man that’s what I call commitment.
You have to let them drill holes in your head. Stick electrodes in your head.
Than you have rehab.
That can take I think at least a year.
If your not committed 100 percent to the aids come hell are high water than I agree with you. Maybe your not either ready for aids are like you said not a good candidate. Like I said you have to be committed to making them work.
I still think that if you stick with the aids that you will eventually adapt.
Wishing you the best in what ever your decision is.


When I finally decided I had to get hearing aids, I made a commentment to wear them everyday and to get use to them. The same type of commentment that I made when I joined the Navy. I was in the Navy for eight years and the reason I got out was I made a commentment to my wife and son, that I would be there for them. So yes life is about choosing to make that commentment to what you want or what you need to do. The same as I did a little over 15 years ago to wear hearing aids, and the one that I made a little over 10 and a half years ago to lose weight and get off all of the medications that doctors were pushing at me. It is the same type of commentment that you make if you buy a new vehicle, get married, decide to join the military, or any other thing in life.


You nailed it. You said it better than me.

Sorry to read of your troubles. I have to say my experience with the VA audiologists (Martinsburg WV) has been just the opposite. They have bent over backwards to see that I am satisfied. They have always provided several choices for models and allowed me to select the model I wanted (Starkey Halos). I, too, have great difficulty with conversation in noisy environments. After testing, they determine my problem stems from an extremely poor word recognition ability. After years of not hearing, and learning to read lips, even with the aids- I do best when seeing the speakers lips.


I wish my experience was as great as yours at the Martinsburg VA…
After reading how this sounds, it doesn’t represent all my experience at the Martinsburg VA. I’ve been getting all my health care there since 2011 (I said 2009 in another post) and I have no problem with that care.
My problem is with the 1st hearing aids I received in Sep 2019. The audi stuck one HA in my right ear and asked me to put the other in my left ear. She showed me the charger and the TV streamer box, and how to change the domes and war guards. That was it for my 1st ever HA “fitting!” As she was packing everything up, I asked about the phone app for the HAs and she told me that I didn’t need to use the app.
I experience loud high frequency noises with these HAs, loud enough that they hurt, but I was told that I’d get used to them. There was never any suggestion about checking the HA prescription or trying to adjust them. So, I moved on to my next 2nd HA trial which I didn’t like for other reasons. However, the fitting for my 2nd HA trial was excellent and done professionally–by a different audi. And, now I’m on my 3rd trial. These were mailed to me because of the corona virus, which is understandable. Plus, since they’re my 3rd HA trial, it’s not a problem like the 1st set was.
So, except for my 1st HA “fitting” at the Martinsburg VA, I’ve had excellent care there.

I have been getting hearing aids from the VA for over 15 years, and I know what you mean about explaining things to you. The Audi I have now at the Hot Springs clinic is the first that has ever tried to explain apps and extras to me. But then again I am an trained electronics tech, and software engineer so all I have ever wanted was my hearing aids and my hearing loss explained to me. And I have to say I have some really good Audis and a few so so Audis. I have gotten Aids and hearing services from now 5 different clinics in 2 different states. But the clinic I am in now is like being at home when I am there, or at least it was before this virus crap started. I will see how bad it as changed in 2 weeks when I go in for my hearing test and to choose my next hearing aids.

Chuck, I’d be really curious to hear what you think of trialing the Phonak Marvels.
I’m sure you’re aware, you get up to 5 months to try them, and if not happy, can go to the OPN S.
I know you like the Connectclip, but I never adapted to having to wear it.
Hands-free phone calls on the Marvels is, well…Marvelous! Phone stays in my pocket, or wherever I drop it.
You just want to be sure your Audi is comfortable with the Target fitting software.

I’ve had good luck so far, and my Audi has told me I can go back to Oticon if I want.
She also got me a Roger Select iM. Check it out.

I will see what my Audi thinks but when I was last at the VA and talked to my Audi he told me I would not like the Phonak aids after wearing Oticon for 10 years and the OPN1 aids for the last 18 months or so. I have sent him my notes. Which has my complaints, my likes and desires. And while I let him know I still prefer ITE aids, I have come to realize that with my hearing loss and the fact I want t-coils again, that I will be either getting the OPNS Minirite-r or the BTE-PP hearing aids seeing that my aids now have the 85 db recievers, and by the Gene2 software I really could use the 105 db recievers or the BTE-PP which are 105. I will see what he says to all of it. The one reason I am personally backing away from the Phonak Marvels is that they do not have a Apple Watch app, and I have come to depend on my watch as my main remote control for my aids. And with the MFI aids I have the choice of using the Oticon ON app or just using the system panel of my watch or iPhone to control my aids.

I feel the same way but have not pushed him.

Have you looked at the Starkey Livio Edge AI ITC & ITE–both are rechargeable. The spec sheet for the ITE R includes a Telecoil feature but when I called the Starkey VA support number last week, I was told the ITC R can also includes a Telecoil. I’d certainly have to confirm that again if a Telecoil was required. If I can, one of these two is my next trial choice.
With my current RIC hearing aids, I have to put up with eyeglass temples over the ear fighting for position with the hearing aids, and a receiver in my ear. Plus, now I get to flip the hearing aids off my ear when removing a face mask. With ITC or ITE hearing aids, it’s all in the ear. So, what’s the advantage of RIC? Except maybe less visibility, but I don’t care…

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You have asked questions that I have in my notes to my Audi. So I will see in two weeks what my Audi says.

Good luck. My 1 June VA Audi appointment to discuss trying another HA was changed to mid-July than 1 July, so I have to wait until then to talk to them.

One of the reasons I was switched to RIC aids was the ability to control feedback. The other was power levels are higher which I needed more.

Scotty, did you by any chance go to the VA on Raymond Street in Orlando or the new hospital at Lake Nona?

We were very pleased with the help he got at the Raymond Street clinic. Not for hearing at that point but for other issues. If so I hope you have had good fortune there too. Hope your hearing aids are working well for you.

The Clermont hearing aid office was terrible.

I’m so thankful that I have an audiologist who listens to what I have to say and works collaboratively with me to achieve the best hearing possible for me. I sympathize with your frustration.

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I am with you my Audi here in Hot Springs Arkansas has gone well over the call for service for me.

I live just a few miles from the Viera facility and have received excellent service since 2000. I came from CT where I had been using the Orange VA and previously the NYC Manhattan VA. Have always gotten great service. Got my first hearing aids while in the USAF in Germany.