It's possible streaming calls and music to hearing aid from smartwatch directly? (w/o smartphone)

Tittles says all. Thanks.

This got asked on Facebook and was told that the Apple Watch can’t do what you want it to do.

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I gave my son back his Apple Watch. But I think it connected and did calls just fine. I may have done music on walks a couple times. Typically only if I forgot my phone. But you can’t control the HAs. Sure wish there was a myPhonak watch app thinking about getting a new watch. Sorry I can’t verify today.

I did find it annoying that the watch grabbed a connection when I wanted to connect the MacBook. Now the iPad does that to me.

Phonak p90r and Apple Watch 4.


I thought you could change HA settings from the watch?

As for the Bluetooth - I have the same thing. I tend to keep the Bluetooth on my iPad off which solves the one problem but can be annoying…

You can only change settings from the watch if the manufacturer has an app for the watch, like ReSound/Jabra does.

Philips doesn’t have a watch app, as an example.

Oticon has a app for the apple watch but it is dependent on the iPhone app to function.

Edited my post to reflect this. Thanks for educating me.

It appears that there’s no watch app for Phonak and KS10 aids.

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