It's a shame!

It’s a shame that this forum is being inundated by bots. I don’t even look at the new posts anymore, just at the ones I subscribe to. I offered several times to help out Admin with the moderating but I get no response. I keep flagging the spam post and every so often they get somewhat deleted but I thing the Admin needs some help with it. Just needed to vent a little as I really used to enjoy the board:(. Howie

Just open New Post and scan them and then under Quick Links then click on Mark All Read and then they are gone. :slight_smile: I do agree the bots are a pain.

the solution should be that , we have to write a code , generated every time we want to write in forum or log in , random generated code of letters and nubers and code showen as a picture file the characters in the code …

That’s captcha software, but it doesn’t work if there is a human signing in and making the posts.

Seems like there are up to 5 new members on a daily basis posting this crap. The captcha would work. The other forum I moderate on asks a simple question like 2+2='s and you need to put in the correct answer. A bot can’t do that and it cut down the facetious members by 100%. Howie

hhuck said in part…

Either that or there’s one person using several different sign in names. The mods should be able to block this/these guy(s) some how.

Shi-Ku Chishiki

Not a person, it’s a bot that hits on all the forums and if there is a weak registration script it signs itself up. One it has a user name it fires off posts and slams each forum with whatever the bot owner wants to. Howie

There are only three consistent spam posters and those three use different names for each login and if it is a bot I agree 100% that captcha would work and would work immediately.

It also ironic that one of them posted in this thread.

P.S. I like your other forum

Seems like admin deletes the posts but not the members. When I first started moderating on the other forum it took me 3 days:eek: to go through the membership and delete all the spammers and their posts. Howie