ITE mold change?

Imagine I have a pair of ITE HAs. Also, for some reason my ears have size has changed. Can the ITE’s I have be put into new molds? If so, about how much would that cost? Who would have to do it? TIA

The cost I do not know, but the electronics, would have to be put into a new mold, and you would have to have new impressions made.

Thanks. I understand what would need to be done. My question is: Is it practical, and if so what would be a ball park cost figure for the work. Also, who would do the work?

Yes it is, I wear ITE hearing aids, and I have had it done a few times. I get my aids from the Veterans Administration so I do not know what it would cost. My hearing loss is due to my military service so I do not pay for my aids.

Do you know if they just send you a new pair or they actually install the old aids in a new mold? TIA for you help.

I have always had my aids sent back to the repair center, and in a few weeks recieved my aids back. The serial numbers have always matched my original hearing aids, so I assume, they put the electronics in my new hearing aids molds.

Great! Thank you so much for your help. I think confirming that since the s/n are the same there is a chance that only the mold is new. Of course, the actual hardware itself may have its own s/n and a s/n on the mold could be one just for a specific customer. Anyway, thanks again for your help.

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Just for everyone’s information. The question I was asking is better phrased “can the shell on an ITE be replaced”? YES. There are hearing aid repair centers that will do it. Send in your ITE along with an impression and they will be returned in a shell that corresponds to your impression. Where I checked comes with a 60 day warranty. The price would be $230/HA. So, purchasing ITE’s off of Ebay becomes much for viable.

I’m a hearing aid technician, but unfortunately I out of the USA country. Usually I charge $150 per hearing aid. I live in NJ.

Thanks, I will keep that in mind should I buy a pair of ITE and need to have the shell replaced.