This question is mainly directed at audiologists /dispensers /professionals.

There appears to be some remarkable improvements in CIC and ITC technology. I’m thinking inparticular of Phonak products, including the Exelia range, where a power CIC is able to reach severe losses.

I’m sure the same kind of progress is being made for other manufacturers.

However, in spite of this progress, it appears, unless I am mistaken, that the aids with the most popularity are RITE aids, such as Audeo Yes.

I wore Phonak Perseo ITC aids for 3 to 4 years, and found that they had many advantages over my previous PhonakSonoforte aids, but switched to the Phonak Savia BTE 211s because they just were not powerful enough. Are CIC, ITC (discreet ) aids now more powerful to an extent that they can match a mid powered BTE, or is the case that you end up recommending RITE, or mid range BTEs to those clients with a moderately severe/ severe loss such as myself ?

My audiogram is 40 to 50s in the lows, down to 70/85 in the highs.

Many Thanks for any replies.