Issues with Phonak hearing aid

I bought this PHONAK MAX-15 hearing aid about 8 moths ago. I take care of hearing aid good. I am using another one for the past 8-9 years and it is still working. Does anybody else have this problem? I bought this in India. I live in USA.

Please see the email i send it to the person I bought this.

Dear Mr. Kannan
The hearing aid I bought from you is not working. There is no whislting sound and I gave it to our local phonak authorized dealer and they mail it to phonak service center and got it back after a week.

It worked very breifly just that day, and now again its not woking.

                             Occcasinally ,  there is a whisiting sound,  but then it is getting worse now by making lots of breaking noice on the hearing aid.  If I wear this continuously, then it start working for a breif moment , then it is having this breaking noice on the hearing aid, and then it is not working.

                             The breaking noice from this hearing aid , is very bad and it is affecting my hearing very badly.

                             Please advice on what I can do with this.  It needs to be fixed..It is too frustrating. I was not expecting such a performance from this good company "Phonak".


Call Phonak Customer Service!