Issues with my Oticon....HELP!

Ok, so I have had my Otticon Vigo for almost a year now.

Besides the frequent spontaneous reboots which i believe has to do with the variability in the battery sizes from manufacturing. Also seems to happen alot when alot of things are going on (changing volume, switching to coil mode, connecting to streamer, etc).

Anyway, this weekend a new problem has occured. It started where ever so often my left aid would start to cut out for a second or two, not reboot, jsut cut out. Then as the night went on and the next morning it was happening more and more to the point it was out more than on. tried different battery, no difference.

So I dropped it off at the audi this AM so they could look at it and determine if they have to send it in (with hopes i can get it back before the weekend).

No sooner than 5 mins after getting back to work and my right one starts doing the same thing.

With both of them it seems as though if i touch the wire going from the BTE piece to the powered ITE piece it makes it cut in and out. But what’s the chance they both happen at the same time??!!

I put my aids in the my drying machine EVERY night, so i don’t think it’s moisture related.

Any input would be appreciated.
Just sucks being without 1 aid now that i have gotten so used to 2 of them…and now i am loosing my second one :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

Sounds like the receiver wire is not getting a good connection - this could be due to the contacts to the aid or break in the wire. This is easy enough to test - just replace the receiver. Make sure you tell your audiologist about the problem with the connection.

Some batteries will have divots around the air holes or a recess around the rim on the positive side which is the main casing of the battery. I used to have problems with aids losing contact with the battery if the contacts just happen to fall on this area. I have not seen this happen with newer aids although sometimes the contacts are not tight enough on the battery. You should be able to see fine evenly spaced scratches on both sides of the battery. If you don’t have these marks, your contacts will probably need to be adjusted. That’s simple enough to do.

Well the audi called back yesterday and said it was a bad speaker. This is the part i don’t get though…she can replace that part in the office, but since it is still under warranty she has to send it in to Oticon for them to turn around and send the broken unit back with the new part which she will still have to install. So instead of them overnighting a new speaker last night for her to install today, we need to have additional overnight shipment charges (im guessing Oticon pays this) and an additional day for me without my aid.

No wonder they charge so much for the aids.

You would think if they are a reputable distributor of your product, they would trust your diagnosis…even if they put a pending charge to the audi until the defective part was received or something.

One of the major advantages of the Receiver in the Canal aids is that a defective receiver can be changed by the dispenser. Typically they’ll have the part in the office and can change it in less time than you can recite the Gettysburg Address. If they don’t have the part, they can just order the part and have it sent immediately. OTOH, Oticon may have a different policy.