Issues pairing iPhone SE (2020) with ReSound LiNX 3D and Smart 3D app

I recently bought a new iPhone SE (2020) and installed the latest version of GN’s Smart 3D app. I’ve had nothing but trouble since then.

  1. The app shows the HAs paired and running but a live stream from the radio plays through the speaker!

  2. In their infinite wisdom Apple changed the way a ‘soft reset’ is done and I cannot tell if it is really working. With my iPhone 5 classic and earlier software I often got dropped, but a soft reset restored things to working condition.

Which brand of HA has solved this problem? Clearly the programmers at GN continue to put more spaghetti code into the big bowl and updates reflect the total mess their software now is. Is there anything out there that works the way it is advertised?


Are you running the latest version of iOS? I think at least iOS 13 for that phone.

ReSound doesn’t list your SE 2020 in the compatibility list on their website tho, maybe check this first.

The iPhone some call the SE 2020 others call the 2nd generation. It is listed:


· iPhone XS
· iPhone XS Max
· iPhone XR
· iPhone X
· iPhone 8 Plus
· iPhone 8
· iPhone 7 Plus
· iPhone 7
· iPhone 6s Plus
· iPhone 6s
· iPhone 6 Plus
· iPhone 6
· iPhone SE (2nd generation) also called (2020)
· iPhone 5s
The ReSound Smart 3D app requires device runs iOS 12.0 or later. "

My phone is running 13.5.1.

The behavior suggests the app thinks the HAs are paired but the experience is that they are not.

Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the app each time this happens?


Ok I see, that link I sent doesn’t list it, but anyway, I think you need to pair your HAs to the phone first, as in settings- general-accessibility-hearing devices.
Once you do that (make sure you pair both HAs) open the app and follow the screen instructions.

I recently bought a new iPhone SE (2020) and installed version 1.7.6. It shows green dots on both devices but the controls do nothing to the sound I hear. When I try a phone call it plays in the speaker. The same is true for live streaming the news. I tried a reset, but the new techniques just lead to a ‘slide to power down’ display.
What steps do I need to take and in what order to reset the hearing aid pairing so the in the ear devices work properly?