Issue With Frequent Resound Linx2 TS 62 STD RIC Receiver Failures

Over the past two years, I’ve averaged a receiver failure (put in the aid one morning, and either completely dead, or VERY low volume, replacing the receiver fixes) in either right or left aid almost once every two months, which seems excessive.

I am careful with handling them, never get them wet, keep in a Dry 'N Store nightly. Failure doesn’t seem related to the electronics in the body or connector, as just replacing the receiver (and testing of it in a different aid by the Audi) confirms the issue.

Due to the frequent replacement of the receiver, and pulling/inserting it into the mold, I’ve also had to have the molds replaced a few times as they ripped around the hole.

I get my aids from VA (actually work at the VA, in IT, so am familiar with the Audis and their equipment and software), and they can’t account for the frequent failures. I do know one or two of the failures seemed to be related to my being around a sudden loud nose (car horn close to me, once in NYC)…so, am thinking possibly that could be a factor.

Also, seems during at least one of the replacements, instead of the High Power receiver, I got the Medium Power receiver by mistake–this just got noticed, I don’t know how many times or if with both aids this happened, and now I wonder if a cause was due to it requiring a Higher Power, only having a Medium Power, so, might have overloaded and shortened the life (clutching at straws, here).

Have others encountered frequent receiver failures, and if so, were contributing issues found out?


Make sure you use the brush regularly to brush the microphone areas. They are very small and tend to clog.

How often are you changing the wax guard? You may need to do this weekly. Cerumen and debris buildup is the most common cause of receiver failure.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with my Linx2s. I had to send them back twice, in 2 years. My audi said they did a “total rebuild” the first time. I was told that the receivers were weak the second time. No details on that yet – they’re still on their annual month-long holiday at Resound. Sound quality has been hell for months. I thought it was me, But it wasn’t. I’m way beyond frustrated. See my new topic - just posted.