Issue Fitting GNResound Linx2 9 Aids

I have Noahlink and latest version of Aventa software, and have been making trial adjustments of my aids both at home and actually out at a location where I can actually listen and make adjustments–which has been WAY more helpful than the environment in my audi’s office.

I’ve run into an issue when I try and add some of the other pre-set programs (you can add an additional 3 to the “All-Around” default one–while in All-Around, my hearing is centered between left and right (without having to adjust volume on each side at all)…I’ve made various changes to linked volume levels and for certain high-frequency levels (again, linked), but, things are centered.

If I try ANY OTHER pre-set program, things immediately shift over to the left-side, in some cases almost totally, but, always not centered. I have carefully checked all the available settings (regular and advanced), and see nothing different between right and left settings, aids remain linked, and neither ear is being used as a “monitor” ear (pre-set to be the side that is active, with the other side being more passive).

I’ve verified that both aids have latest firmware version, and there is no obvious blockage of microphones or receivers, or any physical issues whatsoever. I have RIC inside half-moon moulds so outside noise or feedback not present.

Am starting to wonder if I have an issue with hardware or microphones, or something? Anyone have an idea of what could be causing this to happen?


Which device do you mean when you say “Noahlink”?

When you say your hearing is not centered, do you mean that you hear loud volume in one/left ear and low volume in the other/right ear? What was the resolution the last time this occurred back in Apr-2018?

You need to post your audiogram so that we can know something about your hearing loss. Ask the VA for a printout of your audiogram. Click my Avatar to see what it looks like after your audiogram is entered.

Can you post some screen clips of some of your Aventa settings?

It’s the AirLink 2, with the latest firmware (I assume that = NoahLink Wireless), and using Aventa 3.14. The aids are linked together (not being adjusted separately, except when I have tried to recenter things)

In the All-Around program set as program 1, I just use the default volume calculated from the audiogram for both ears (I don’t have to adjust volume of either) and sounds coming from the front (via a mono speaker) appear centered. I do have to increase the gain setting to a comfortable level.

Now, choosing any of the other available programs as program 2 makes sounds coming from the front seem to shift heavily to the left ear (no longer centered). If I then delink the aids, and either lower the gain on the left, or raise it on the right, it doesn’t bring the sounds back to center (just raises or lowers the volume of the sounds, but they stay shifted to the left.

OK, I added my audiometry result…thought it was already in my profile, sorry!


You say P1 is now centered and other programs are not centered, right? Well it was not centered back in Apr-2018 so what was done to correct it? Because back then you were saying that it was not centered. See below…

No, not the same.

Originally I had a huge problem with the aids. I’d had Phonaks for almost 20 years (from Army, then VA), and when due to get latest ones replaced, I asked about any that worked with iPhones, and VA audi suggested Resound. I first got the ITE Linx2 9, but, immediately had issues with the aids not being able to talk and sync with each other, tried a second pair, same thing. Audi called Resound support and…no kidding, they were on speakerphone…was told that “patient’s head was too dense or too much water, so attenuated the signal, and the smaller size and battery are issues, and I suggest you try RIC with larger battery”. So, we did. But the problem I had before (and frankly a lot) was things not sounding equal in both ears (and…with the aids, not my ears)–like, I would listen to someone talk and they were clear in right, sounded tinny in left–different variations of that sort of thing.

What I didn’t realize until later…was that most of the audis I got (and, not all were bad) just made more adjustments on top of previous ones, instead of bothering to start from scratch or reset things to initial fit. Also in this time period, I started having issues with the receivers blowing out in one ear or the other, or getting different receivers in each ear (MP in right HP in left, both aids however set for HP). I repeatedly asked for the aids to be reset and firmware updated (when I’d mention updating firmware…often got confused looks…).
Finally…I’d had enough…I made sure that each aid had the same receiver (HP, although I might be able to use the MP…on the edge, I think), that the firmware was latest and same in both (one was two versions older than the other). I have the current level version of Aventa VA uses, and current version of NoahLink Wireless VA uses, so…after doing a lot of reading and going to some courses…went DIY.

First thing I did was to backup my settings, then created a new profile to start fresh. I found that the anti-feedback wasn’t right (my guess is, had been checked long ago with initial moulds and not since, and for different receivers), so ran that, and that alone markedly improved things. I then got my last VA audiogram, put it in, and started making slow adjustments, annotating results, making multiple programs of All-Around with differing settings, so I could check–even sat in actual locations with my laptop making adjustments in a live setting (VERY effective).

But, when I went to the other programs, other than All-Around, the sound stage (not sure what else to call it), seems to move over mainly to my left ear–like the right ear is just assisting. I don’t have anything set differently between the ears for any programs (obviously, each built-in program has default settings different from All-Around, just not between L and R). Adjusting the gain of either aid independently (or the non-ganged volume of either aid with the Resound iPhone app) makes this apparent shift to the left to go away.
I will have three years with these aids this month, and have already been told that due to this issue they would send both aids in for repair/replacement (with same aid), but, I’m gonna see if VA will allow me to get newer ones (due to all the trouble with these, and the amount of money with all the blown receivers), and see if I can get the 3D or Quattro (not sure if those are in VA pipeline, yet). And, try to get a great audi, that will perform an REM and work with me on settings.

Just was wondering if anyone has an idea on what could be causing this issue.

Sorry for length–thanks, and hope I answered your questions adequately!

Yes, that answers my questions (thoroughly). I don’t have anything in my experience that relates to your (off center / left dominate) situation.

If you do get new hearing aids, and if you do get First-Fit plus REM (Real Ear Measurement with a microphone/probe in your ear) then save those valuable settings. Consider those settings as your starting-over point. In other words don’t go back to first-fit using your audiogram as a starting point because then you will lose the REM adjustments.

Also it should be a simple thing for your audi to start over from their saved original first -fit plus REM settings. Tell your audi (because some don’t know) that you have to click the little Client expansion arrow in order to see the earlier saved sessions. Like this;

OK, thanks, pvc! I have had REM done (presume it’s REM, as they put the tubes in your ears, then you sit in front of a little box, and sounds like a brief tone sweep or white noise plays, and they get a measurement) in past, but, not sure back then how they used them.

Don’t know if you know this, and I brought this up to its programmers, but, veterans that use the MyHealtheVet program to access their VA records, don’t have the ability to download any of the actual audiograms, just can get whatever was put in text in their records (audiogram can be put in the CPRS program), and they said they’d look into making that functionality available. You CAN ask your audi to print it out…if they will, but, easier if you had the access…

Yes, that’s REM.

imo> All of the VA online access stuff is silly. Also, if you ask the VA Receptionist for your audiogram they will point you to ROI (Release of Information) where you fill out a form to get your Audiogram. Don’t do that. ROI doesn’t know what an Audiogram is, and no matter how well you describe it they will likely mail you the notes of your last visit.

Instead, ask your Audi to print out a copy of your Audiogram. Bam, there it is.

Oh, clicking the session expansion >/arrow example given above is not a very good example because it’s from Oticon instead of ReSound. But for whatever brand, your audi should have no problem getting back to the original settings.

Have you looked at LiNX2 ReSound Aventa fitting guide?

I’ve downloaded or looked at everything on several GNResound sites pertinent to my aids, as well as taken multiple courses from the Audiology Online site. And…experimented a lot…

Since I don’t have ReSound hearing aids, and since I don’t use Aventa this may not relate exactly to your question. But take a look in ReSound Aventa 3.10 Fitting guide where it says;

Once fine tuning is complete, the relative gain changes can be applied to any or all other programs by clicking the “Autorelate” button in the program handling tool bar beneath the program tabs.

Select which programs to autorelate to by checking the boxes. You may also choose whether to apply changes made to MPO or Sound Shaper for each program.

Again (a caveat); Since I don’t use Aventa I don’t know whether or not “Autorelate” should be used. If you keep the ReSound’s for a while you may want to investigate further.

Also notice that the settings are not the same for each program;

Yes, I do use this…I setup initial gain and tweak any frequencies as needed in the All-Around program, then you can add in up to three more programs (which come present with differing kinds of spatial and other things different from All-Around), and then when you Autorelate, it applies the base gain and frequency adjustments to the other program(s). In most cases, All-Around works fine, but, in REALLY noisy conditions (or crowds, where close and far speakers seem to have the same volume), some of the other programs help. You can also use three level bands (not just the two, 50 and 80) shown, and that gives you the ability to tune out lower volumes from overriding closer speakers.
Finally, you can turn off some of the automatic settings, and that gives you the ability to do some limited noise, directionality, and wind manual adjustments with your iPhone or Apple Watch…which is helpful.
All in all, except for this issue I’m having now…Resounds CAN be really clear, and help me to hear…but my hearing is so bad now, that…I’m still having issues in some environments.
Thanks, pic!