Is Unitron obsolete?

I have a pair of Unitron hearing aids age 5 years. I will have to buy new aids soon. I don’t see anything on Unitron, is this hearing aid becoming old technology?

Unitron is alive and well. The latest generation of their products (Moxi 2 RIC and Quantum 2 BTE/ITE) was introduced last October. And the new top-of-the-line Moxi 2 Pro and Quantum 2 Pro just started shipping today.

More info about Unitron products here:

Thank you for this site, I will look into it.

Very late and probably not relevant anymore but I wear Moxi2 16s and I am in love with Unitron. <3

I have 2 year old BTE Moxi Kiss HAs and have been plagued with performance issues. Over the past four months I have “functioned” with one HA as the other is in for repair. Prior to this I had Phonaks for 15 years without this degree of malfunction.

Is this a common experience?

I’ve had a couple of the original Moxi Kiss aids fail with moisture ingress, but considering we have getting on for a hundred pairs out there, it’s actually one of the most reliable shells out there. The triangular Moxi had issues with perspiration getting in to the top of the case and blocking the Gore-tex filter. The Kiss really doesn’t suffer like this. Receiver failures are pretty minimal too.

As for being without them - that’s ridiculous, your dealer should have FLEX units on the shelf to lend you while your aid is being repaired.

I’ve had no better and no worse success with Unitron reliability than any of the other major brands. Any problem is probably a fluke.

Love Unitron! Great success with patients and also great customer service. I prescribe Unitron frequently.