Is this treatment legitimate?

Take a look at the ingredients. If you take a decent multivitamin and mineral tablet you will get about all the same stuff.
There product may be OK (from a vitamin standpoint) but their claims of repairing SN and/or conductive loss is a large load of BS.
Just another Scam.

As my ENT told me … there are no miracle cures to tinnitus or hearing loss or else he would be selling them instead of being an ENT. You can find stuff left and right on the internet but none of the cures are anything more than vitamins.

From your posts it is obvious that you are struggling with your problems … I was in the exact same boat this past December… it took me a while to absorb the fact that it was permanent … then i switched ENT’s and the new guy referred me to an audiologist who offered tinnitus treatment as well…

The rest is now history … the Tinnitus is dramtically less noticeable and i am noticably happier :smiley:

First spend your money on this

For me, the turnoff is
“. . .putting an exact timeline on results is impossible. . .”
I guess this thing depends on the placebo effect.