Is this the right cable for my Phonak TV Link II?

I’m a bit unsure whether this is the right cable for my TV Link II.

I’ve been using a standard audio cable but want to start using a coax lead.

When I type coax lead into eBay, it also comes up with a different cable which doesn’t look like the link above, which is why I’m a bit unsure.

I’m also unsure because my coax cable that came with my TV Link II, was orange as well. I haven’t got it now as it broke many months ago.

Can anyone help?

Attached is hopefully the answer to your question.
Yes, spdif.

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Coax is typically used for TV cable and has indeed a different plug/connection.
The one in your ebay link should be the correct one for digital audio connections (s/pdif). Btw you can test the connection with normal copper cable with cinch ends, too (same plugs as in your link)

Edit: RCA is the correct name (not cinch)

You are sure that your source does not have any TOSlink/fiber output?


Btw coax is a thicker shielded solid copper cable for high data rates. Normal cinch cable has many thin wired copper which is much more flexible but still should meet your needs.

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I’ve got an old TV and I don’t have a Toslink plug on the back of my TV. I’ve only got a scart and a coax plug. :slight_smile: