Is this possible?

Is this possible to get even better speech in noisy environment by?

To take my everyday program, copy it into another programming slot. Then to enhance the 60db speech section which I believe would increase gain/MPO but then lower the over all gain/MPO back to what my everyday program is set at?

So at the end, my speech line would be higher then all the other lines within the software and more so then the everyday program.

Would that work or would it totally mess the sound up? Is it actually possible?

I know with the Naidas, you get all the features to help with speech in noise but am wondering if the above could help even more?

With directional mics which also help in noise, I find it to not be as clear as when both mics are on for speech.


You have not gotten any hits on this. I can’t answer your question directly, but perhaps this will stir the pot. It is actually a corollary concept.

Let’s say you have digital aids and there are 30 (just a number) input channels. So what is being sensed by the mikes is divided into 30 channels. Channel may not be the correct term, it does not really matter. In this concept more is better.

Load whatever program you wish on whatever platform you have.

Now assume you have a remote. It can switch programs and whatever. But let’s add a side wheel. At the end stop the wheel does nothing. Your audi’s program(s) rule.

Then let’s let ten clicks on the wheel step through the 30 channels. Each time it clicks it selects three adjacent channels and the other 27 channels are attenuated by some agreed upon amount. When you want to hear a person, a speaker, a bird or whatever you can step the wheel till that sound source pops out of the background mix. You merely adjust it to suit your ear and that sound source. At the end just rotate the wheel to null/stop position and your program is back. You can vary the steps, the channels and the attenuation in software. I suspect no system currently offers this. It is very similar to NaidaUP’s concept and but is tunable on the fly. Think of it as a manual override.