Is this Facebook group ran by this forum?

Altho I said I agreed to the rules, my request to join, seems to not be allowed. I keep getting rejected and I can’t figure out why?! Very annoying!

It has rules and is run by hearing tracker. It has a different administrative person that approves people. It takes a little longer to get into the group. The topics are different and less technical more supportive questions. It is a great experience so far.

But instead of accepting me into the group, they just reject me. It’s not because it’s taking longer to be accepted, they are actually rejecting me.

I only want to join to comment on other posts and help people.

@AbramBaileyAuD apparently you’re an Admin on this FB group.

Why am I getting rejected, are you not accepting new people?!

EDIT- I’ve just looked and yet again my approval hasn’t been approved!

Sorry about that. Zebras PM me your Facebook name and I’ll ensure you get in. We decline people using new Facebook accounts unless we know them. Spammers are aplenty. We also decline people who do not accept the rules.