Is there away of reducing bus noise on my Naidas?

I have the Phonak Naidas S III UP and I am very happy with the fitting. I never touch the volume control but I do go between automatic and speech in noise programmes.

The one thing I’m not happy about is not being able to hear speech when on the bus as the bus noise is too much. Cars or trains are fine even with the windows down.

Is there anyway that can be done to sort out even a little bit of the bus noise? I know my Audi has played with the soft sounds before so maybe there is soft sounds and loud sounds??

I’m seeing him on Friday so if i can find out before hand then that would be great.

Could he play with the Bass Boost maybe to lower bus noise?

My worse frequency is the 250 freq so maybe Bass Boost is set to the max?

Something that I have read -

PowerProcessing and BassBoost

Audibility is the foundation for wearers with a significant hearing loss. In addition to the highest gain and output, Naída introduces a new processing scheme.

PowerProcessing adaptively selects the amplification strategy, from non-linear to practically linear, depending on the audiometric configuration and degree of hearing loss. This intelligent approach ensures that individual amplification needs are optimally met. The unique BassBoost delivers extra low frequency gain and output for instant improvement of subjective loudness perception.