Is there away of raising the Phonak Partner Mic volume for Phonak Marvel?

I’ve got the Partner Mic and would like to raise the volume of it like it says in the Manual but I can’t work out how to do it in my Junior myPhonak App.

The volume in the picture which says 5, increases the HA Mic volume.

Would anyone know?

Have you tried the phonak app

It’s been too long for me to remember. What happens if you use hearing aid volume button when streaming from Partner Mic? It might be something that needs to be done from Target?


As I said and as the picture shows the App, I can’t work out how to do it.



I’ll give it ago, thank you. I’ll also look in Target.

EDIT - figured it out, it is the volume control on the App.

I would expect the volume buttons on the aids to change the mix from HA mics vs the external mic.


I would agree. That often gives the sensation of louder volume though as it improves S/N ratio.

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@Zebras how you finding the partnermic so far I’m really enjoying using mine only problem I seem to have is with the beeps it does when battery is low not quite being loud enough if I’m in a noisy situations it’s hard to make out


The Partner Mic is good but you are right about the beeps. I can’t hear them either.

I’ve searched online and I’m pretty sure the beeps can’t be made louder which is stupid I think.

I also couldn’t hear the Phonak Roger beeps either when it was dying.

I have a partnermic but the volume is set so low it rarely helps at all. I have not tried changing it in the MyPhonak app (KS9 user here).
Also, whenever someone walks too far away (10 feet give or take) it ding dong doorbells in my hearing aids, and the same when they come back. Very irritating.

Aren’t they compatible with both aids. I have a phonak remote and it works for both models. Once paired