Is there anything on the marker to listen to TV?

I am wondering if there is anything on the market that allows you to listen to TV?

I know about the iCom, ComPilot and Loop Systems but is there anything else?


I think those that you mentioned are your best options. My wife uses the ICom with TVlink and loves it. I use the Oticon Streamer and use the cable to the TV audio because The Oticon TV adapter had a slight delay in the audio that drove me crazy. I tried the TV ears once and didn’t like it as well as the Streamer. Good luck on the hunt for something else though.

Thanks, I actually dont think there is anything else. :slight_smile:

Most FM systems (e.g. Phonak Smartlink) will connect to a TV. Quite an expensive solution, though!

But there are some TV available in a market which itself has a FM inbuilt channels. It is not so expensive I suppose.

but is there anything else?

Starkey and GN Resound each have their own TV sound technology.

And of course Siemens.

How does this work? Work are in fact funding me a FM system to help at work.

Very simple, you just run a cable between the transmitter and the headphone jack. Some FM systems can connect to SCART sockets as well.

The transmitter then beams the audio signal to miniature FM receivers that plug into the bottom of your hearing aids (I think Naidas may have FM receivers already built-in, not sure about this though).

Siemens has a little TVLink that plugs into an audio out on your TV. It transmits to the Tek or miniTek which put the sound in stereo directly intyour ears. you can shutoff the external mic or leave it open some if you want to hear the wife bothering you. there is no delay.

Thanks, will look in to this :slight_smile:

There are a number of TV listening solutions including loops and rather expensive accessories from the hearing aid manufacturers.

Then, not mentioned here, there are many infrared TV listening systems. Some are headphone or stethophone styles that are not really comfortable for those who wish to use their hearing aids as part of the solution.

There ARE also systems with pendant style receivers that support neckloops, silhouettes and/or direct audio input connections. These systems including the neckloop sell for less than USD 250 and are easy to connect. Google infrared TV listening systems for a start.

How does one find these on the internet?

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