Is there any non-whistling Hearing Aids?

I am a 16 years old profoundly deaf student, wearing hearing aids since I was a baby. Hearing aids really helps me alot but sometimes it whistles for no reason even my ears are unblocked and new mould, even hearing aids.

My question is, please god… Is there any non-whistling aids in the world? Any?!

I am so happy I found a forum for hearing aids because google doesn’t help me so I wonder if any of you know if a non-whistling hearing aid exists?

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I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:



Whistling in hearing aids is typically caused by feedback. Not all aids can handle it really well, and even those that CAN handle it often need finetuning of the programming. Don’t get discouraged - there are plenty of folk here willing and able to help!

What hearing aids are you using now? Do your aids whistle more at certain times, with certain noises? The more information you can provide, the more can be done to help you.

Welcome to the forum!

Most of time when it is windy or when I put my hood up (as it is raining) and stuff like that

I would like to hear sounds on my headphones too but it whistles constantly and it takes me like half an hour to get it right lol :expressionless:

I am also getting them hook that go on your hearing aids to listen to MP3 but sometimes I like to wear normal headphones for music.

I hope any of you know how to fix that or any way to stop it or reduce it somehow?

I am using SIEMENS REFLEX DP hearing aids (provided by the hospital).

A lot of newer aids have a feedback control program that helps enormously.


Have you brought this to the attention of your audiologist? While I am no expert in programming HAs, and cannot find much info on the Reflex model, they do seem a relatively new model, having been released last year I think. It seems likely that the feedback setting is set at too high or fast a level. Reducing it may help. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can give more advice.

I have never worked with a better hearing instrument than the Naida V from Phonak. This aid has had some great articles written about it. You can read some of my stories on This is my blog site and it seems like my best blogs are about the NaidaV from Phonak. I hope this helps, they do have a great Feedback System for whistlling.

Starkey’s feedback cancellation is the best, IMO. I trialed the Starkey zon.7 BTEs, and I couldn’t induce feedback even when I cupped the hearing aids in my fist.

Feedback for someone with a profound loss can be caused by a mold that doesn’t fit properly. With your loss that mold should be very snug. There should never be feedback unless you are placing something, like your hand , or a phone near the microphone on your aid. Let the audiologist know. He may have to make new molds.

I’m a Starkey owner/wearer myself. Like you, most of the time I find it hard to induce feedback on my Starkey HA’s also.

Shi-Ku Chishiki

Hi Sarah,

I felt exactly as you do. I even started a thread about Feedback (whistling), because I was sure everyone had the same problems that I had, but I was so disheartened when I found out that I seemed to be in the minority. I have tried 2 different Siemens NHS aids that came out 2 years ago. Another from 3 years ago. A pair of CIC’s and I just trialed the Seimens Pure 700. Since the Pures would have cost about $5,000 - $6,000, I thought being a high end instrument, my problems would be solved. They were the worst when it came to feedback!

Various audiologists tried different domes and settings and nothing helped.

I am now trialing another pair of expensive Phonak Audeo YES’s. When they were in, I almost held my breath when I put my hands over my ears, getting ready for that awful shrill. BUT, I tried everything and…I could not make them make any noise whatsoever!!!

I think the biggest reason is because I have a custom mold. It is tiny and clear. The tube running from the aid to the mold is almost invisible too. I don’t know if this also helps, but the receiver is in the mold too which definitely improves the sound quality for me.

I do not live in the States, so someone else will be able to help here, but I think for customs molds you will have to pay around $60 (?). Also, I have read on this Forum that the best maker of molds seems to be Westone.

I hope this helps.

I am a new HA user and just recently got a pair of Oticon Epoq XW BTE hearing aids. I can’t make them whistle or feedback. They sound fantastic.

your Hearing loss is ideal for this kind of loss

I advise clients that NO hearing aid is totally immune to feedback.

I warn especially about brimmed hats and high backed winged chairs.

The hard ceramic wall of a small toilet cubicle can also cause feedback as it is an excellent acoustic mirror.

Additionally clients need to be warned about ‘entrainment’ i.e. the chirping/whistling effect that some feedback control software creates when a pure external tone is heard.

This is NOT feedback … it is an artefact of the anti-feedback software doing its job … but getting a bit confused.

I seem to getting a lot of “entrainment” with my Siemens Pure 700 BTEs. Any idea how my audie can eliminate it? She’s turned down the Sound Brilliance feature, which has reduced a lot of the problem, but not all of it. Do you have any additional suggestions that I can pass on? Thank you very much.

One thing often overlooked by even the best dispensers, is peaked gain somewhere in the response curve.

Ask your professional to do a REM test looking for peaks. If they find one or more drop the gain for that particular band or channel. Ed