Is there a software upgrade for the Linx 9 to add features available in the Linx2 9?

I just ran the demo program for the Linx2.
It shows features that would definitely help me.

If there is no software upgrade, is there a market for used Linx 9’s???


Hi Dunc,

Not sure re your question - I’m in the same boat as you as the Linx2 definitely has features that will help me too.

I suspect the answer is “NO”. The reason I say that is because I spoke to ReSound New Zealand about the Linx2 and asked if there will be some sort of trade up/subsidy available for those who - like myself - have only just purchased the current Linx a few months ago. Nothing was mentioned about a software upgrade at all.


No software update is available, according to the following reply I received from ReSound:

“Thank you for contacting ReSound. We are here and happy to assist you! ReSound LiNX[SUP]2 [/SUP]was launched March 2[SUP]nd[/SUP], 2015 unfortunately, the software is unable to be updated into the ReSound LiNX hearing aids that you already own. In order to have the software that the ReSound LiNX[SUP]2[/SUP]has a purchase of the new hearing aids is required. I encourage you to contact your ReSound hearing care professional for information pertaining to a trade-in on the ReSound LiNX to a ReSound LiNX[SUP]2[/SUP]. Please be aware that hearing care professionals are independently owned businesses, and any fees, prices or any other special offerings associated with service or parts are at the discretion of the individual hearing aid professional.”