Is there a remote control available for Roger Select to change microphone focus?

Hi. Roger Select seems to be close to meet my requirements, I do hope to test it soon. I understand that it works on auto to select the person who is speaking, which is great for a conference table. But already I wish for a remote control with which I could manually select the direction I want to listen too. This I need for table settings like a family gathering where several groups around the same table are chatting among themselves. With a remote control this would be less intrusive than having to put my arm forward and touch a button on the Roger Select every time a new person chimes in.

The table mic works the the same way as the Select but has a remote control.

Used my rogers select at thanksgiving and was extremely pleased with the way I could hear everyone.

I read the instruction for Table Mic. The remote control can mute or unmute one Table mic or a group of paired Table mics, but it is not possible to select or switch between the individual mics using one remote control.

I understand each table mic comes with its own remote control. If I have two Table Mics I could have both remote controls in front of me, each paired to its own mic - and mute/unmute at will.

However, this is not optimal as each table mic is hearing 360 degrees. Using one remote I would like to individually select one of the six mic directions in each Roger mic.
Is this not possible ?

I originally wanted the table mic because of the better battery life but my Audi said I would like the select better. The buttons are tricky but I am getting better at selecting and turning off. Works well and no one finds it intrusive.