Is there a problem with The Audiometrix website?

I’ve been trying to go to the Audiometrix website over the past several days and get an error page that states the domain isn’t connected to a website yet. I’m using and keep getting the same error. I searched the forums here and haven’t found any similar questions. I know Audiometrix is a forum member here. Anyone know?

I get the same message.

Thank you @Zebras. I thought maybe it was just me. I’ve been on their website before, no issues. They are very popular so can’t understand why they’re not there now.

Try Hear-Tech. I discovered that the domain name was registered using a phone number that landed here. I asked for clarification and they said yes it’s them.
Maybe something happened here?? Maybe they’ve changed their business plans??

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@z10user2 thank you. Yes they are at the same location listed for Audiometrix. While the website is a bit different, the prices are pretty much the same. This site isn’t as detail oriented as the other site. I’ll use this site to contact them. My audi isn’t a fan of re-chargeable batteries and there is now a re-charge kit for the OPN mini RITE that I might be interested in.
Thank you for your answer.

I wonder if they might have gotten heat for publishing their prices and were forced by suppliers to take it down.


Hmm, I wonder. That’s what seems to be missing from the site. They list prices, just not specific like they were on the other site. The pricing is still competitive. For good pricing and if you have someone locally that could help if you need immediate service without sending the aids to them for service, they are not a bad choice. They do service them as stated if you send the aids back to them for service and I’ve heard good things so I was concerned what happened. Might send them a note since my inquiry concerns an accessory for my HA.

Why isn’t Audiometrix responding to this? He’s generally all over the forum.

And I should have added, @audiometrix_hearing, why have you completely changed your site? And why no longer showing pricing?

Looks like the company might have changed hands – new name. It shows prices but looks like it is only for Phonak.

I’m still in contact with the guy who posted here through private messages. Communications tend to be brief so maybe there’s a lot going on?

They used to be very specific as to the brand/model pricing on their website. I wonder if the hearing aid manufacturers put some pressure on them not to mention their specific model aids and pricing. It wouldn’t affect the manufacturer, I would think their cost to sell to audiologists is uniform…or is it? Maybe the aid companies were getting too many complaints for price because local audi’s couldn’t or wouldn’t meet Audiometrix’s pricing. I don’t know, but with the aging population and those not aging, but with hearing loss, the cost of HA’s is too high. Wouldn’t selling to more people that need HA’s at a lower cost be a profitable situation? That’s why having Audiometrix and their business model is important. It would be a shame if they felt pressure to scale back their website, but maybe there is new ownership.

Just a possibility.

I’ve also heard from the owner via his company email a couple of days ago. So I’m pretty sure they’re still around. Maybe he’s offline more often due to the holidays.

As to why his website has less specific info about models and pricing, I know they’re striving to beat any price so maybe they redesign it that way (non specific) so you would contact them to find out about pricing so they can ensure that they’re competitive. That’s just my guess, though.

I notice that BuyHear did not post their Oticon OPN pricing for a while (they had “Call for price”), but now they’re starting to post their OPN pricing again and it’s crept up from $3600 originally for a pair of OPN1 last year to $4150 now. Maybe they have new supply of OPNs now but demand is higher than supply so they’re jacking up the price.

For the past month none of my emails have received a reply. As a customer it’s a bit unnerving.

You mean you bought from them and you haven’t heard back? That would make me a bit hesitant to make a purchase from them. I would try to call them. They have been involved on this site, so I’m sure it’s probably just the time of year. Hey if there are those lucky enough to have someone buy them HA’s for Christmas…hey I can use a spare pair.

Sorry for all the confusion. Multiple things have happened.

Oticon put in a fake order with Audiometrix. They did this to find out where we got our hearing aids. Once they found out it was through Hear-Tech, things became complicated. Hear-Tech and Audiometrix have always been separate companies because of how much the manufacterers hate online sales. We recently merged the two.

We were very upfront with everything when this all went down and Oticon didn’t close our account but the whole ordeal has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. In the past they used to give this “it’s all about the patient” BS but this time they were at least honest and said it was all about money. Basically said we had to raise our prices, and not worry about other online competition because they would all be gone. I suspect Buy Hear became part of a buyers group, that’s why he can list prices again. I refuse to raise our prices, so we are in a pickle with Oticon and online sales at this moment.

The reason why I haven’t posted in a while is Oticon also said that the person who tipped them off was an “Audiologist from a forum”. He wouldn’t go into any further detail.

So yes, lots have gone down and we are figuring it out. However, as others have stated I always respond to emails. If i don’t respond, I didn’t get it.

Also our website is supposed to forward to Hear-Tech. It works for me and all the computers I’ve tried it on. Perhaps you have to clear your cache to see it? I’m not sure.

That’s a bit of a shitty thing for them to say - I don’t have a horse in the race as we don’t prescribe online due to it falling outside of our rules of best practice, but they’re clearly messing with your relationship with other Audiologists.

Isn’t enforcement of minimum pricing actionable in the USA?, it smacks of protectionism - MRP and MSRP are really frowned upon here as they contravene rules of market competition.

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The US hitch is how the price is shown. On Amazon, they show a lot of products that say, “To see price, put it in your cart.” and that gets around the agreement they sign that limits how the price is shown/advertised. They have to tell the buyer their price to complete the transaction. It is stupid but that’s how it goes.

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Boy these greedy b@$t@rd$ are not going to go without a fight. Online sales and self-programming are here…not just the future. Embrace it or die. I’ve suddenly lost interest in looking at Oticon products for future needs. Maybe it’s all manufacturers but now we know of Oticon.
Experienced HA users should not be forced into the same purchasing model as newbies. I can kinda get newbies who would perhaps need more hand-holding. Or non-technically inclined folks. But there should be options for experienced users that don’t need hand-holding and/or are technically inclined.