Is the Starkey Soundlens worth losing the bluetooth features?

So I think I really like the soundlens assuming it will fit in my ear. My only concern is losing the bluetooth features, is that such a major concern? From everything I read, with the soundlens I shouldn’t have much occlusion if any, the hearing is rather natural since its so deep in the ear, no issues talking on the phone, driving etc. Sounds like a win-win all around aside from not being able to stream bluetooth.

I don’t have any issues talking on the phone. The biggest problem I have so far is trying to listen to music while driving. My truck is pretty loud so when the noise reduction kicks in it takes some of the music with it. If it is just talk radio it’s not much of a problem as it picks up the voices pretty good. These ar my first HA’s so I have nothing to compare to. Would love to hear other user’s opinions and experiences to see if there are any tricks I am missing.

I recently started wearing the Soundlens7. My left one works very well and after all of the hearing aids I have tried in the past 6 years they are easily the closest thing I have ever had to my original unimpaired hearing. There is virtually no occlusion effect - my own voice sounds wonderful. There is no feedback. I can chew and do not hear any squeeks or pops from my TMJ. I can adjust the volume and programming with my smartphone (the app cost me $10, but was worth it). Now all that being said I have a devil of a time removing them. I have to use a lubricant to place them. My right one is currently out being reshelled because it was so tight that removal abraded the constricted opening of my canal. As I said earlier, my left one is great, athough still very difficult to remove, but unnoticeable when seated. If they can fix the right one, I am done looking for hearing aids - these are darn near perfect.

I reckon your aids are optimal fitted. without the NR, you’d be kicked around with louder sound.
if you can hearing music straight from your aids BT or wired streaming, that’ll the be the best. be able to hear traffic is a safety issue!
otherwise enjoy more in a quieter place.