Is the Rexton Charismo 2C any good?

I got these almost two months ago and am having a great deal of problems. It has 36 channels which I think helps. First the domes were too large, not Rexton’s problem. Then the volume was way high creating feedback when I sit in a high backed chair or lean toward my door while driving; also there is no volume control, which I hate. When the microwave beeps, it squawks! The door chime in my car is way too high. I’ve told the audiologist about this several times. I went to a show and couldn’t understand a word of what the comedian said, but could when I switched to my 8 year old ReSounds, also BTE. Thinking of just returning them and getting something else (I have 90 days to decide). Is there something without a dome that would work? I have seen several aids that appear to have a plastic channel that ends before it goes into the canal. Also, I have problems understanding my cell phone so I think I might do better with Blu tooth. Any ideas? Bernafon/ ReSound? Kirkland Signature?

Thanks, the Stever

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Did you try smaller domes? The open ones come in 4, 8 and 10mm sizes. If you still can’t get a comfortable fit, consider getting custom earmolds instead. That should also help reduce the feedback you’re experiencing. Although there’s no volume control on the Charismo, your fitter can add an additional program which has less gain, and you can activate it with the button when needed. If you want to use wireless accessories, you’ll have to get the Quintra or one of the other brands you mentioned.