Is the NoahLink on Amazon ok to buy?

Amazon or Ebay to get a NoahLink?

It would most likely be cheaper on ebay. Just make sure you get the Noahlink Wireless and that it works for your HA’s

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$188 on Amazon, that seemed good.

I had not seen them available on Amazon before. But since you mentioned it, I looked on Amazon. Yep, they are there. USA EBay prices are cheaper though.

Oh, I forgot to mention that in order to avoid name confusion we should call the device by it’s real name Noahlink Wireless, because there is another/older device named NOAHlink and it could be costly for someone to mistakenly purchase the wrong hearing aid programming device.


I figured it was worth the 20 bucks extra for the easy return if needed.

Patients is a good thing when it comes to prices.
I got my noahlink wireless for $125 delivered about a year ago.
On eBay be sure to check completed items. That way you have an idea of how much it has been paid for.

Does anyone know how to get the Noah license as well? It is free for 45 days, but what happens after that? How do we purchase a license and what is the cost?

Don’t use Noah software. Professional audiologists use Noah software to group hundreds of clients together into the Noah database and then startup/run the required fitting software for a specific client from within Noah.

Just install and run the fitting software standalone and the fitting software client database will be used instead. It’s much easier and much simpler.

Hey, great, thanks for the comment, I was instructed by my audiologist to use this to work with Resound. So after I open the nhax file from Noah, do I try to save the file from Resound software and just use that next time?

Hi PVC ,

I recently bougth a set of Signia 312 Pure 7X , and would like to finetune the aids myself.
Was able to download Connexx 8.3.2 and the SiFit DB , but I don’t see the Signia Pure 7X in the database , I guess have to upgrade to v9 , but the updater doesn’t go to v9 , would you be so kind to share the magic word ?
Best regards , Peter