Is social distancing bad for hearing aid wearers?

Here where I live we look at it as distancing, we still get out and hike the trails, we may see each other in the distance and wave. It bets setting on our butts and doing nothing


I miss tennis and pickle ball, the social interactions as well as the games.

Well there’s 2 sides to every coin but social distancing also means people will hopefully speak up and face you when they do speak

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I am a health care worker so things will be different for us. Numbers here not too bad yet but still going up.


I’ll avoid the trite “stay safe”, but your fellow Australians appreciate what you do.

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One of the reasons New York is seeing such hi numbers is because people are packed together like sardines. Between busses and subways and congestion on the highway you also have an enormous number if people living in apartment buildings. Even when you go out to the suburbs like Long Island, house are packed together with little space between them. Something you may not see in other parts of the country.

My father is 95 and all his friends and wife are gone. So he’s isolated. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s happy

I was certain from your earlier post on this thread you lived in The Villages, FLA. Then you said forests.:wink: (I had a cousin who lived there. Never a dull moment!)
My in-laws retired to Hendersonville, N.C., a continuing care community. It was perfect for each of them, and it also was a place for hiking trails, picnics in The Blue Ridge Mountains, always friends, new and old. Another never-a-dull moment place unless you wanted to relax alone. Had there been “Social Distancing” they could’ve easily been outside, active and yet even more than 6’ apart. (We had planned to move there when we retired but a company transfer moved us to the West Coast.) Taking a cue from the way my in-laws did so much better than my own parents did remaining in their own home, I’ve chosen the same path. It’s added incentive to continue to take advantage of what new technology in hearing aids can do for me.

My home is now in Hot Springs Village Arkansas. It is a beautiful place that I love but too many here do not appreciate what they have here, they seem to always look for something to fault and anythng that is negative.