Is Siemen's the best brand?

My father and I were discussing hearing aids and he says that Siemens is the best and when I told him that I wear Phonak, he is like: “I never heard of it.” Then he continued about why. When I was first diagnosed with hearing loss, the ENT and Audiologist at that time (we are talking 1990 here recommended Siemens.

So here are my questions.

  1. Is Siemens a better brand than say Phonak in terms of quality and durability?

  2. What are really the differenes between all these brand names anyway like Siemens, Phonak, Oticon, Widex and Starky?

My audiologist once told me the main difference between all of the major manufactures is the algorithm they use to process information (the sounds coming into the HA) and how they output it. The hardware is pretty much the same with some exceptions of course, but each company has their own propriety algorithm. What is good for one individual may not be good for someone else. So it is really almost impossible to say who has the best brand. I suppose you could determine who make the best hearing aid in terms of durability through some controlled testing efforts, but even with that, each company has their top of the line and budget hearing aid so it’s almost impossible to come up with one sole winner. This is all my opinion.

The chip, the algorithm, the programming and the case design are proprietary, everything else inside the HA is off the shelf and there are only a couple of companies that make those parts. It all pretty much boils down to what you like and are used to as to which is the best: one person likes Phonak and another doesn’t like their sound, another likes Oticon and another doesn’t, so which is the best? the one you like and works for you. This is also my opinion.

It’s like asking what’s better? An iphone or an Android-based phone. They are both very good, some people love and hate the iphone some people love and hate all Android phones. Then you can start comparing the different companies that make android phones such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc. Another analogy would be to ask which automobile manufacturer makes the best car. Impossible to answer. Same goes for hearing aids.

Cars would be easier to determine which is best based on service records, recalls, fatalities and injury rates. etc. What the best hearing aids are is basically impossible do to the secrecy of the manufacturers about their products and the subjectivity of the wearers to the various brands and most people don’t have several different brands that they wear regularly that they could compare one to the other.

whichever one that sounds best to you… phonaks sounds tinny to me, starkey were ok best no bt (when I tried them) and Siemens had the best sound and accessories IMO. but, I like redheads and a lot of guys avoid them, so…

That was funny!

>> Is Siemens a better brand than say Phonak in terms of quality and durability?

If Siemens - or any other manufacturer - were the best brand, would we not see ONLY that brand everywhere?

Nope, we see a mix of models and brands which hints that all are roughly equivalent.

Phonak are the best for me but will depend on person to person :slight_smile:

which other brands have you used or given a reasonable trial?

There are 6 major HA mfgs worldwide. Phonak, Oticon, Starkey, Resound, Siemens and Widex.

Three are based in Denmark, Oticon, Widex and Resound. Phonak is in Switzerland. Starkey is in the US. And Siemens is in Germany.

All of the others are subsidiaries of one of those six, ( Siemens owns Rexton and Miracle Ear for example ).

Of the six I think Oticon, Phonak and Starkey have the best technology ( my opinion is based upon 30 plus years of fitting hearing aids ).

There is no PROOF of which company is better than any other company. Success with hearing aids is such an individual thing that it is awfully difficult and say one company is " better " than another company.

I do think all of the companies mentioned have good products and if the audiologist/dispenser is skilled , then he/she can appropriately fit you with aids from any of the six.