Is Oticon Opn 1 Remote Microphone Useful?


Not quite sure I understand what your request was (copying data as in giving you a copy) or copying data into the hearing aids (I’m guessing this one) Although seemingly “low level”, it’s still programming the hearing aids. Downloading a smart phone app is not. Doing an update seems like it would be a grey area. It’s doing something to the hearing aids, but it’s not doing anything to change the prescription. I didn’t look at specific licensing requirements but a position of audiology assistant seems to be recognized that seems like it’s just on the job training under the supervision of an audiologist.


No problem in Canada. Support staff can use the software to pair accessories or run updates, as long as they never touch the gain controls.

I’ve seen a few patients who have made good use of the Table Mic. They are turn-taking, so they don’t all transmit at the same time. It is a first-speaker-wins situation, so they really are more for business meetings than social situations where people talk over eachother. It is also uncommon here for users to purchase them directly. Workplaces purchase them for accessibility. Generally I’d prefer CART captioning for workplace meeting accessibility.


What table mic do you mean? Is there one that will work with any hearing aids employees may be wearing?


Phonak Roger Table Mic 2.

There may have to be special options put into place, but most hearing aids will access them, some better than other. Some newer RIC hearing aids with no T-coil and no other FM input option won’t be able to use them. Like the Opn 1 miniRITE, for example.


I have used the older Phonak fm system that used the tcoil in the aid and the receiver around the neck. That system was no joke. It was powerful and had better fidelity than the mfi derived mics offered by Oticon, Signia, and Resound. I will say that Resound’s multi-mic has good reproduction of sound. When I find a good Roger system at a good price, I am going to buy it. It isn’t worth what Phonak wants to charge…not to me, but at half that…maybe.

The OPN 1 mic is useful for small lectures or restaurants where you have one person you want to hear and you have them wear the mic.

I used my multi-mic in a loud restaurant with my wife. My discrimination shot up to darn near 100%