Is my Grandad a good candidate for Phonak SoundRecover2?

My Grandad is currently using Phonak Solana SPs with original Sound Recover.

His audiogram hasn’t changed but he struggles to hear high pitches things like the turn signals in the car.

I wanted other people’s opinions as he’s the kind of guy that would just pay out for hearing aids even if they didn’t really help him.

On the NHS the only HAs that’s been offered to him is Siemens which doesn’t have any type of frequency lowering.

The difference between the most up to date NHS Siemens aids and the old technology of the Phonak Solana is huge. He’s hearing loads better with the Solana despite them being old technology.

I think SR2 would allow him to hear higher pitched sounds than with plain Sound Recover because SR2 allows lowering to a lower frequency. I have no idea what he’d think of the sound though. Have his current aids been adjusted recently? I’m surprised that the Siemens don’t have any form of frequency lowering. In the US, Signia brand replaced Signia and it has a frequency lowering system very similar to Sound Recover. It’s called Frequency Compression and in similar Rexton aids it’s called Bandwidth Compression.

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Do you know what SR settings he is using now? If they are set as low as they will go and he still isn’t hearing turn signals he might improve with SR2. Also, if his aids are running out of gain in these upper frequencies he might not be hearing the turn signals.
If he were to use SR2 aggressively he could get by with less gain or smaller aids.
If he hears the upper frequencies well the SP and UP aids might be exactly what he needs. SR is not natural to some people at all and it takes time to adjust to it.

The Siemens aids he has, are from about 5 years ago. When he kept going back, he wasn’t told there was nothing that could help him.

Out of all the NHS aids that are on offer, the Siemens are the worse to get. Phonak and Oticon are the better ones to get on the NHS. Some hospitals here in the UK, only have contracts with certain HAs manufacturers and so have to have the Siemens or…

I believe the last time he got them adjusted, the SR was set to the max without making the range any less. Hope I’ve explained that well, lol.

It was the maximum he could cope with apparently according to my Dad.

He did try the Naida S V UP before he got the Solana and hated the UPs. I don’t think he’s used to hearing so much noise.

For me the SR2 brought in all sorts of upper frequency sounds. Some of it I recognized like beeps, alarms, birds, crickets, turn signals etc. Other new sounds from speech I did not understand, it was garbled and really messed up speech but these were the sounds I needed to for better speech recognition. Thanks to the all the new sounds I did recognize it helped me to hang in there long enough for the other unrecognizable sounds to clear up and become understandable.

When a person is away from sounds for many years it is challenging to hear all the new sounds long enough to relearn what you are hearing.

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I’ve told my Dad this and when it comes to his turn to look after him, he’s going to ask him if he can hear these things. He’s going to work from there and if needed, will get a trial of new HAs but I think my Dads plan is to get more adjustments of his current HAs.

He’s 98 years old and my Dad spends a month with him to make sure he’s okay. Then he has a month off and so forth.

My Grandad is v forgetful which doesn’t help things when it comes to buying new things.

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My dad has had a reply back from my Grandads audiologist and once the lockdown is over, the Audi is going to increase SR but by one click at a time and to leave it for 6 weeks before she increases it again.

We also have just bought 2 x Roger receivers off eBay and he’s going to start using my Roger Mic as well.

We aren’t going to look into new aids now as my dad said, he is coming to end of his life at 98, 99 years this year.

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I don’t believe there’s any reason to wait for the lockdown to end, if your dad can pair to a phone the programing adjustment can be done remotely.

So even the very old Phonak Solana SP models can be done remotely?