Is Marvel 90 worth the plus cost?


Hello guys,

my name is David, I am 15y old. I am from Hungary ,and there is a program, “TB support”, where you can buy hearing aid at the half price. Example: for Marvel 70 too, but not Marvel 90. So Marvel 70 is pretty cheap, but I dont know should I go for M90, is there a big difference ? Like EchoBlock, more AutoSense functions. Worth the plus 1000$? Thanks for the answers!
(Sorry for the my english, started 1 years ago.)



The differences are small. I would go for the M70 personally unless money was no object.

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I went with the M70 myself. The M90 didn’t have enough compelling reason to me for the significant extra $$ per side in my analysis.

If I had plenty of money, I would have sprung for them just in case some extra they had came in handy. But the M70 seemed to have all the essentials I needed and more.

I also elected to omit telecoil. Marvel M series has BT and Airstream and is getting Roger support internally (so I hear) so I opted out of telecoil.