Is it possible to tweak streaming settings on Phonak Paradise in real time?

I have Phonak Paradise P90-312s and while the direct music streaming via Bluetooth is much better than non-streamed, there is still room for improvement. However, I haven’t been able to use Target (7.1.3) to change the settings in real time while listening to streamed music, unlike “Calm Situation” settings for example.

It seems I have to guess what changes need to be made, then save and exit Target, then reconnect to music streaming to see if it has improved. Has anyone found a way to do this in real-time?

I don’t have Paradise aids but I wanted to tweak my telecoil program so I turned on my TV box that uses telecoil and then connected my aids to Target and tweaked my telecoil program in real time whiles listening to my TV.

No, it is not possible. I think it’s because the BT connection cannot be shared.

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Thanks for confirming. Once I have BT streaming going, I can no longer connect with Target. :frowning:

It will be interesting to see if its possible to do real-time changes if using the Phonak TV connector. I believe that uses wireless not BT. First I need to find somewhere in the UK that sells one (they all seem to be out of stock at the moment).

Interresting idea. I have TV connector, I’ll try it tomorrow and let you know.

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I tried it with TV connector. It doesn’t work:

  • couldn’t make streaming source audible when connected in Target.
  • streaming stops beeing audible as soon as Target connects to HA.
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That’s a shame. Thanks for trying. Seems like trial and error is the only way to go.

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