Is it possible to achieve symmetrical hearing with one hearing aid and one good ear?


I am using my first HA and I am at the end of my eval period. It is a IIC phonak virto b90. I don’t feel that the audiologist was really able to understand my needs. So i have scheduled 2 appts with 2 different HA suppliers. I want to be sure that my expectations/requests are reasonable before I go in again

My goal is to achieve symmetrical hearing. That is, to have the hearing aid achieve the same level of hearing as my good ear. I would like to be able to listen to the radio in my truck without having to adjust the sound to the right speaker to compensate for the hearing aid blocking the sound. I would like more manual control to adjust the HA output to suit my listening environment, instead of the HA doing it for me (which it does a terrible job of). I would like to be able to manually turn features and settings off and on and adjust volume in my own

Am I asking too much or is this possible? If it is possible, how should I properly phrase this request when I go in to get re-evaluated? I am learning more about gain/dynamic range/ etc and I think I need to speak more their language in order to get what I want


Was there an audiogram made? For us to know how bad you hearing is.
Manual adjusting works fine with a remote, or an app on the smartphone.


Depending on how significant your hearing loss is, the answer to this is probably no. Your ear with loss will never hear exactly as well as your normal-hearing ear. In particular, you won’t get the same distance, perceived “softness” of soft sounds, or clarity that the normal ear gets.

But the answer to all of your other questions is yes. You can get a hearing aid with more control and functionality. However, you might not be able to get it in an IIC. You lose some functionality when you go really small.