Is it possible that new hearing aids can cause hearing loss?


At a testing appointment in mid-June, the audiologist said I would probably not lose more hearing as the loss was declining. At the end of June, I got my new Oticons. On July 4th, I could not hear anyone without my aids unless I was about 1 foot away. This had never been a problem as I could pretty much hear people on the other side of my kitchen. A hearing test last week revealed I had lost 2 points in each ear. But in the bass/lower frequencies. I was pretty much immediate. Now, my hearing is totally messed up and I am working with them to get the aids adjusted, which may not even be possible.

But I want to know…how can something like this happen. All the signs point to the aids. They were not programmed above the danger threshold but is it possible that my ears are more delicate - for lack of a better term - than other people’s? I am afraid to wear them in case they did the damage. And they are pretty much useless to me now.

The first time I called my audiologist, she said it was my brain adjusting. I didn’t think so, and if I didn’t wear them would the brain re-adjust??

Opinions, knowledge, help appreciated!


I’m not really understanding everything. If your hearing test shows a 2 decibel drop since the last test, I don’t think you could tell. But, with new hearing aids that might be louder, your perception of your hearing without hearing aids could have changed. In other words, when you take them out things sound lower than you remember.

I would trust the numbers. A two point drop is probably nothing to worry about and may be a normal variation in hearing tests. You could take two hearing tests back to back and get more variation than that.


Sounds like something is off…have you checked for wax buildup, ear infection etc?

I don’t believe it to be hearing aid related at all. The difference is apparent to you without hearing aids in. This points to something with your ears. It is highly doubtful that the hearing aid damaged your hearing further…unless you have a power hearing aid for the profoundly deaf and your audiologist made a very bad mistake.


I’m sorry…I see a typo in my post. It is not 2 points. It is 20 points/decibels.


Thanks, Don. It’s not 2, it’s 20. A typo!! Guess I’d better get my eyes checked too, huh?

I have had hearing aids for 30 years and I’m familiar with the issue of taking them out and having them sound lower. Before this, I could stand 20 or 25 feet away from Hubs and hear him. Now, I cannot hear him even 2 feet away. That’s not the same thing.

Thanks for responding!


Thanks, efigalaxie. Yes, I think so too. In my post I typed 2 and it should have been 20 points/decibels. I do indeed have a hearing aid for my profound hearing issue. Checked everything. No wax, no infection. I think an MRI might be next, just to check.

Thanks for responding. If it’s not in my head, I’ll be sure and report back.


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Gotcha. Yeah, that’s a big difference.


And now it is down another 10 DB in my left ear! And this is in only two weeks! Doctor says nothing is wrong but no MRI or anything else. I’m panicking here! Trying Mayo Clinic in two weeks.

Anyone have any ideas??


My hearing has got worse over the last 15 years while wearing aids, but my hearing also has been going down hill over the last 40 years. Has wearing aids made my hearing worse? Well I asked one of my Audis and was told a flat maybe, but also that my hearing was also getting worse due to age, and even more so due to the damage that was done to my hearing due to loud noise over a long amount of tome due to, equipment noise, flying, shooting weapons, loud motorcycles, etc. Well I hav worked around loud equipment all my life, let’s just say from the time I was old enough to walk. I grew up on a farm and loud equipment is a known issue. I hunted, and I road motorcycles. And to my surprise even driving down the road with the windows open is bad on our hearing. I grew up in the 1950s we did now know what car AC was. My first vehicle with AC wasn’t until the mid 1970s. So lets just say that living is bad on our hearing


Living is definitely bad for hearing! Over the years my hearing has declined, normally. But my hearing has taken a huge dump - termed abnormal by my audi - in a few weeks. In fact, over 20 decibels in a couple of weeks in the bass. THAT’s the issue. I am seeing a different doctor and we’ll see what he says. I did find out that people’s ears are different and it is definitely possible that a hearing aid can damage your ears if they are less than sturdy. So I guess I have my answer. I will not be wearing my Oticons again until I get a definite answer. I cannot afford to lose anymore.


The issue is even worse, if you stop wearing your aids you can destroy your physical and or mental health. Not hearing correctly can cause lots of other health issue including Dementia


Hi there

I agree with comments made and think you should use the aids. A good audiologist wouldn’t fit aids which were set at a level to cause damage. I have had trouble with communication from birth and only recently, very reluctantly, started using aids. I have cookie bite hearing loss prob from births which dips to maybe 70-75 db in mid range. After first using aids properly I feltt like I was completely deaf when I took off even when people spoke directly into my ear. This is better over time as often I don’t use in social situations so just lip read as tfind it hard distinguish voices when there is other noise going on. I think to stick with them and make to see your audio and discuss your concerns. Good luck



Well, surprise, surprise!! The answer from an expert ENT in this area is a resounding YES, they can damage your ears! But it depends on your ears. My ears in particular cannot take this volume - which is a safe volume for most people - as they show they are super sensitive and the hairs and nerves are very fragile. So it is a fact. The volume of these have damaged my delicate nerves, even tho the volume is indeed in the safe range. This should be a good lesson to people. Don’t sit back and wait. Get a second opinion.

My insisting on continued use has further damaged my ears. It is not a matter of bad settings, or too much noise. I’ve worn aids for 35 years so I know how to use them. No one recognized it. A hearing center or doctor, no one. Who knows. The damage is done and I regret it. Deeply. Since getting these, my hearing has decreased nearly 30%. My word discrimination is down to cochlear implant levels. And that is the issue. It is not volume. It is word discrimination. Everyone sounds like Charlie Brown’s mother. Total useless. They said they could do no more for me.

If you have this issue, don’t sit back and wait for a solution. Find it ASAP! Do not continue to wear your aids. That’s just bad advice.


My hearing has gotten worse over the years but I was told up front they it would. My hearing loss is due to my years of working around jets and then working in computer server centers. And I have to add being someone that loved to hunt all the time and being around loud motorcycles and cars. It all adds up. At first I had a cookie bite hearing loss right in the speech frequencies but over the years I am now losing my high frequencies. I guess if I live long enough I could become deaf. Sometimes I think it would be better if I was deaf but no think you as long as I have this tinnitus it would run me crazy. And I am very lucky that I don’t have to pay for my hearing aids and added equipment and supplies, the USA Veterans Administration does.