Is it only Power One Batteries that dont rust?

Just wondering if there is any other brand of batteries that say they don’t rust? I’ve only heard of Power One.


All batteries made with stainless steel should not rust. I use Rayovac Mercury Free and have no problem.

Rust? I’ve never had a hearing aid battery “rust.”

I have seen discoloration on batteries where perspiration got into the battery compartment, and it sure looked like rust to me.

I don’t know how accurate this claim about Power One’s is…I’ve got a jar full of dead batteries. Older ones develop a black substance on them. Not rust…maybe excess moisture from air leaking out of battery? I don’t know…but looks like some kind of corrosion.

The casing may not be rusting…but I still get back stuff.

How are the Rayovac mercury free? Have you tried Power ones’ in comparison?

Corrosion then not rust.

wondering why?

I used the Power Ones when I first got my hearing aids and switched to the Rayovacs when they came out with their second generation mercury free. Life wise they are probably not quite as long lived but the ability to just trash them without having to worry about disposing of them properly is worth it.

the current mercury scare is totally out of control. not long ago a kid in the local school dropped a thermometer in one of the labs and of course you would have thought a 747 took out the school. everyone sent home, hazmat, fire dept, epa. I remembr when kids would bring balls of mercury and you would roll it around on the desk. Wife went to nursing school in the 60’s and she said it was everywhere.

I agree that a lot of the response is over the top, however, I still feel that one should dispose of it properly as it does cause problems in people and our food chain. Some of the drama is not needed, as is true with many situations.

Even I have noticed decolorization but never heard or seen it rusting.

That was back in the day before we knew Mercury vapour is a VERY potent neurotoxin. Definitely not a good thing to expose young children to!!

Maybe the response was over-reaction…maybe not. Regardless, I’d rather they over-react and see my kid safe, than be exposing my child to hazardous chemicals during a developmental age.