Is it normal for hearing aids to take a minute or so to boot up?


I have had these hearing aids since July and I feel like I am still adjusting to some minor things.

I notice that when ever I turn on my hearing aids (by closing the battery door), it takes a while for my hearing aids to sound normal. By that I mean, it takes a minute or so for my voice not to sound metallic or tinny. Once a minute goes by my voice will sound normal. Is this a normal thing with the newer technology?

I don’t know if I need more adjustments. But I think it is weird that it only occurs whenever I power up the hearing aids on. My hearing aids have the voice program that is supposed to make your voice sound more natural. I forgot what it is called.

My hearing aids are Signia Pure Nx. I like them but they have given me a bit of trouble at the same time because of these nitty gritty things. The last time I got new hearing aids was 9 years ago so I guess the change in technology really shocked my brain or something

I will be honest, while digital hearing aids do make the world sound better, I had fewer issues with the analogue ones in terms of consistency. I mean because the technology was simpler, it was more predictable. These things are constantly adjusting which is great but at the same time all the options can make things more confusing.

Will probably be going back to the Audiologist for another fine tuning.


There could be a 10 second startup. After that they are fully up to speed. I tried the Costco version and I couldn’t really tell that OVP (Own Voice Processing) actually did anything. I had real occlusion and it doesn’t help that.

It may be your brain says, oh yeah, sounds from that thing again.


Yeah, I’m guessing you just take a minute to get used to how things sound. Kind of like walking in to a room with an odor. At first you notice it, but then if fades away. But go outside for awhile and come back in and the odor is back. Not quite the same thing, but I think they’re related.


A minute seems like an awfully long time. But there is a programmable delay in the powering-up process. I think this is so that you’ve got time to get the aids fully seated in your ears before getting startled by the amplified sounds.

You can get your audiologist / fitter to turn this off. It’s simple.

As for your other issues, I really think you should be going back in to get them corrected. They ought to sound better to you, and I doubt if the problem is because your new aids are digital.


Like MDB above I think it is more likely that this effect is more down to your ears adjusting than to the hearing aids having a “warm up” period.

You could try turning them off and on again after you have been wearing them for a while to see if the effect is still there?


First this is hearing aid start up delay that’s 6second standard in software you can turn off it.
Second ovp help but when people talk from very close in my case it’s also cutting other people voice so if you do not have moderate loss do not turn on it.


I’m unfamiliar with your hearing aids. Most aids would pretty much come on immediately if they weren’t programmed to delay activation to allow time to put them in place. My Resounds have a programmable delay of chimes (about ten seconds by default).


Yea they do turn on after the hearing and play a one second tune. They do power in sbf work but I notice it takes a minute for the sound of my voice to sound normal. For a minute it will sound a bit tinny or electric or artificiel, nothing completely out there. Then it normalizes everything else seems to sound normal after powering on.


Yeah I tried that severslkybrimwa and it still does it. It only happens when I power on the hearing side via battery dooe. I can turn off the ajds by holding down the rocker switch and then doing it again to turn it on. This doesn’t completely reboot them as whsgecrr setting you were on will stay in twct when turning them back in. I’d I turn them on and off using the rocker switch there is no problem.


My Phonak Naidas have a short start up.


You are referring to your voice sounding normal.

Perhaps your aids are evaluating the environment and calculating the best automatic settings.


Widex Evoke have about a 10 second start up


My Oticon OPN1s have about a ten second Boot time also


My OPNs only take a few seconds to turn on. I had a chime sound initially which went on for longer, this was swiftly turned off by my audiologist as was irritating!