Is HearUSA reliable / good?

I’ve been shopping around for hearing aids for some time and have the option of purchasing a Widex hearing aid from HearUSA for approximately $4,000 versus paying about $6000 at a large hospital from an audiologist.

I’ve learned from my experience that it’s pretty important to have a good rapport with your hearing care provider and who can address your needs properly. After visiting several clinics, I felt like I would get the best care from the large hospital.

I didn’t feel too confident in the way HearUSA conducted their hearing test and didn’t seem very thorough. However HearUSA is still offering virtually the same hearing aids for $2,000 cheaper so the price is very enticing.

My previous hearing aid was Resound from Costco and I really didn’t like my experience with them so needless to say I feel pretty apprehensive about “chain dispensers.” Also the professional I saw at HearUSA tried to push me pretty hard into making a purchase and gave off a very strong “salesperson” vibe.

So in conclusion, I didn’t feel too confident in HearUSA’s ability to properly fit my hearing aids. I’m wondering what other people’s experience and opinion on them is? Am I being too paranoid? Or is it the wise decision to pay an extra $2000 for that confidence of care?


If you already do not feel good about Hear USA, forget them.

I would go back to the hospital and try to make a better deal. Or, keep shopping. Zip Hearing has good reviews and good prices.

I didn’t know you could negotiate prices with large hospitals. I was under the impression that their prices would be set.

You have mentioned prices and money. Reconsidering Costco might be an idea. Whatever was bad about your first experience might be better now or asking for a different fitter or maybe trying a different Costco all together might help.

I want to go with Widex this time around, and unfortunately Costco doesn’t carry them. The Widex has been significantly better for me than all the other major brands.

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Check out Truhearing. Bought my Phonak aids from them. Good customer service.

I spend a lot of time in the Middle East where bargaining is part of every transaction. I learned that works as well in the US too.