Is Ear Cleaning Wash safe?

I have had CIC hearing aids for about six months now, and find that it is essential to clean the wax out my ears regularly. I have been using ‘Audiclean Ear Cleaning Wash’ ( This is an aerosol product that washes the ear out with treated and steralised sea water. It works well, but I am concerned that using water in the ear canal will cause damage to my hearing aids. I clean the ears weekly at night before going to bed. The HA’s are only inserted the following morning. I do use a silica gel drying container to store the HA’s at night.

+Your ears are already filled with moisture even if you don’t use sterilized sea water, which to me sounds like a gimmick. Go to the doctor for ear cleaning and he will use a syringe type device and tap water. A better way to dry the aids is a product called Dry and Store. Check that out. I doubt very much that any water you inject into your ear at night would still be there the next morning. That’s how people end up with ear infections…

Pleased to hear that moisture from ear rinsing does not cause problems with HA’s. I must remark that my normal wax buildup neccesitated an annual visit to the doctor for syringing, but since starting the weekly ear flush there has been less wax buildup. Seawater or not, having a handy canister of pressurised water is convenient . Stick it in the ear and push the button !

I won’t stock Audiclean.

You can get water out of the tap - and it doesn’t cost $10 per tiny can.

Is it advisable to flush the ear canals out using a syringe and warm tap water at home or is there some sort of flushing rubber bulb that I can use ? I have had ear infections in past years due to water in the ear after swimming. These infections occured when there was a big wax build up. Using a wax softening product once caused an ear infection.
I have had incidents where small pieces of wax have either stopped the HA from working, or caused strange directional sound artifacts.You almost need a magnifying glass to see them ! My HA’s have small mechanical ‘wax traps’ that are hinged and clip closed over the rear opening. I have seen what appear to be little stick-on wax filters for sale online. Can you advise whether they are effective ?

Most hearing aids come with a brush so that you can keep the wax guard clean. My audiologist has in the past used a device with a bulb to flush out excessive wax. Normally wax in the ear tends to escape on it’s own, but hearing aids can push the wax in deeper. ear infections can be caused by water being trapped in the ear. I would thing wax in the ear would prevent that from happening but who knows. You should talk to an ENT to get a better idea of your problem and what can be done to prevent it. I am not a big fan of sticking things in my ears. If you are married you can purchase an Otoscope and your spouse can routinely check your ears and help with the cleaning.

I don’t get much wax buildup, but occasionally I have used an ear bulb and luke-warm tap water to flush my ears out. Sometimes some wax comes out and sometimes not. I got my ear bulb at the drug store. They sell them either individually or in a package with some other ear-cleaning materials, such as oil. It’s not high-tech, but it works for me.

I will definately try to get hold of an ear bulb and try warm tap water. There is little doubt that regular flushing is limiting the wax build up in my ears.

Not trying to hijack the thread but my ears molds have a bad smell? I have started cleaning them with soapy water and then drying them and then putting them in the dry and store over night. And cleaning my ears with regular rubbing alcohol before bed at night using cotton to keep ears dry during showers. What should I do is my regimen wrong ? Please help. Thank You

I always clean my ears in the shower, I turn my ears to the open shower head, seems to work well.

I do use soft Kleenex twisted into a tip to dry my ear canal.

I have this scheduled for next week. The few times I have had it done over the last 7 years has been positive. If you read the comments below you will see most who have tired it continue to do it.