Is digital better than analog for streaming from TV adapter?

I tried searching for an answer but didn’t come up with anything. I’m using an Oticon setup. The tv adapted has analog and digital outputs. My Yamaha receiver doesn’t have an optical output, only analog rca. It does have an HDMI output so I could get an HDMI to optical adapter but is it really worth the effort? Anyone compared the two types of connections that can confirm digital sounds better than analog coming through the HAs?

I have used both. I personally prefer the optical digital connectivity between my Tv and the adapter. The sound is almost as if I have a full speaker system and I don’t. I adjust the volume such that I get sound streamed to my aids and to the mics too
I don’t notice in delays but I am sure that there could be.

I would think digital in most cases would an improvement if for no other reason than a clearer sharper sound. But at the same time you’ll find people who prefer analog. Hell there are people out there who prefer old scratchy records. This is one of those questions that only you can answer

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I love the old records. But I have a newer record player that does a clean up on the sound too. I got it to record the records to digital files and it does great job.

I was kidding about the old scratchy records. Hell, I’m old enough that I remember my dad’s 78s

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I have a room full of 33s and 78s. I admit most or the very old country and western songs from way back in the 1930s and up to about the 1970s. They are coming back in style again.

Well let’s be serious. Those 78s were made to last forever

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I also prefer the sound of vinyl (or use too) but it’s easier to just click a few times on the phone and start listening. With the hearing I have know it doesn’t matter anyway.

I’ll give optical a try and see if I can tell if it’s better or clearer sounding.

My problem with the new digitally remastered recording is the man working the controls doesn’t always seem to know which part of the recording needs to be emphasized. In other if the artist is known for his singing you don’t need to bump up all the background music. Geez

According to the specs:
TOSLINK. Either digital stereo (PCM) or Dolby® Digital *
RCA is analog only.
Not to sound sarcastic, but if you’re wearing HA’s, you prolly won’t know the difference:)

I’ll let you know. I ordered a hdmi adapter to give it a try. I’m hoping maybe dialogue may be a bit clearer but if all the background stuff is louder then it could actually be worse.

I have the Oticon OPN TV Adpater 3.0 and I have used both the analog connection and the digital connection. I can’t personally tell a difference. I think it’s more for convenience to connect to whatever available format you have. Of course if you have both then it’s better to use the optical over the analog connection. But I would not bend over backward and order an HDMI adapter just to get the optical out to feed into the TV Adapter 3.0. Flashb1024 is probaby right that if you’re wearing HA’s, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

If you would have been a couple days earlier posting that I probably wouldn’t have ordered the adapter but it was only 20 bucks, spent more than that at Dairy Queen yesterday.

Finally got the optical hooked up. I can definitely tell digital is clearer sounding. I really wasn’t expecting to notice a difference thinking the Oticon tv adapter would convert the optical connection to analog anyway but I don’t think that’s the case. Only downside is content with digital sound (movies mainly) the background sounds seem more pronounced but I seem to get use to it after a while and start focusing on the dialogue more and it sounds pretty darn good.

My advice to anyone that can connect with optical, should.