Is Costco a good place to start - East Side of Cleveland


I have a hearing test scheduled this week at my local Costco. I’m not sure if I want to commit to a purchase yet, though i know I have enough loss in my right ear and perhaps some in the left as well to justify this…problems with quieter conversations, big problems eating out / noisy environments Also have had tinnitus for a long time (father had as well) that for the most part (given how high the frequency of the ‘whistle’ is I can ignore). A fair amount of wax buildup in both ears (right especially) that I take care of carefully & often.
I know an awful lot about audio and nearly nothing about HA’s (audiophile guy - fancy stereo, have made pro recordings with high end mics over the years, built synthesizers, play piano/keyboards and some of the damage I’m sure is related to the love of music and high volume levels in the past)
So having said all this - Is Costco a good place to start. Any other suggestions in the Northeast Ohio area?
Thanks for your comments and help.


If cost is any issue, Costco is the only place to start…and finish. Premium aids from major brands at less than half the cost.


I live in the Akron area myself, and found a great ENT and audiologist here, but when he retires I will go to Cleveland Clinic- they are ranked #1 in Ohio and #10 nationally.


thank you - i had not thought of trying CCF - my primary doctor is part of their system.


As mentioned for cost you cannot do better. I think you will find the people at Mayfield Hts. very nice. I make a 90 mile trip to go there.


To make it even more clear, if your budget is $2000 or less Costco is the way to go. If you are OK with spending $4,000 or $5,000 or more then you will find many great options at other places. And to be sure, the more expensive, non-Costco, models will have a few more features that may prove to be very helpful. But there are lots and lots of satisfied HA users in both categories so I wouldn’t rule out either option right off the bat.


Thank you. I’d prefer to spend under 2K. I’ve decided to go both to Costco and the ENT / Audiologist at the Cleveland Clinic. That way I will have 2 sets of information to compare.


Costco will give you one option under $2000 for a pair, the KS8s at $1599. Their others are in the $2600-$3000 a pair range.


This isn’t accurate.

Clinics have three levels available. Basic-Medium-Premium This relates to typical pricing of $3200-4200-6200 Costco aids are Premium aids. It is in their ads and they’d be called on that if it isn’t true. So the comparison is $6200 vs $1600-2600 for comparable aids.

The industry likes to say they aren’t because the aids don’t have a tinnitus feature. That is all that’s disabled and that feature is iffy to useless – even for tinnitus sufferers which most aren’t.


If you haven’t made an appointment yet, I would suggest calling the Costco in Strongsville. It’s on the west side, but the head fitter there (Justin) seems a lot more in touch with current technology than the people I’ve talked to at the Mayfield store.

Good luck,


thanks again. Are there any specific questions that I should ask before or after the assessment at Costco?
If this is covered elsewhere - my apologies.


If you are going to the Strongsville store, make sure you ask for the appointment with Justin. You need to be a member to make the purchase but don’t need to renew that membership again, if you don’t use it. Some stores require the membership to be tested while others don’t. That seems a local issue. If you enter without a membership and are asked, just say you are going the the Hearing Aid Department.