Is BTE molds easier to put on than ITE molds?


I’m asking for my sister-in-law. Her Mom doesn’t like
to wear her hearing aids. She complains they keep whistling.
My guess is the ear molds are not in all the way. She has
trouble putting on the molds - she’s in wheelchair - a nurse
usually has to help.

For ITE aids, the mold may be soft, but the inside is the
hard “mechanic box” while for BTE aids, the mold is
completely soft.

  • Is the molds for BTE easier to put on than for ITE aids?
  • Is the molds for BTE more comfortable than for ITE aids?
  • Are there are any tricks in putting on the molds?

Thank in advance for any inputs.


p.s. I already know about the cream you can put on the mold to
stop whistling, but I suspect the problem is the molds aren’t in
correctly. Cream is not going to help if there is a big “crack”.

An ITE hearing aid is a good choice, because it is usually so obvious if it is not inserted correctly (it sticks out and looks weird). Some people find a BTE more complicated because in addition to the mold being inserted properly the over the ear part has to be positioned correctly too. So you have two things to do wrong instead of one.

If whistling is happening, have her ears checked for wax build up. This can certainly be an issue that causes whistling.

Also consider that some of the better technologies are very good at reducing feedback issues electronically.