Is Autocorrect/Autocomplete Active For The Hearing Tracker Site and Can It Be Turned Off


I’ve checked my Windows 10 settings and I appear to have Autocorrect turned OFF for Windows. Yet I’ve noticed that words in my posts on this forum are sometimes mysteriously “corrected” or "completed. " Is Autocorrect and/or Autocomplete a site feature and if so, is there a way to turn it off. It would be great if individual users could chose to use or not to use such a feature.

If it’s a Windows/Microsoft Edge feature that I’ve just overlooked that’s causing me my autocorrect problems, thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction to fix things up. Microsoft keeps “improving” Windows 10 so it’s quite possible that something’s changed within Windows or MS Edge that I just haven’t kept up with.


My typo’s remain typo’s with Firefox;


If the autocorrect/autocomplete is happening before you submit, is is happening locally on your machine.
Some forums autocorrect after you hit the button to submit.


Thanks, pvc, for the suggestion (which is from 2016). As you can see in the screen capture below, I already have autocorrect turned off in the settings. The only autocorrect setting not turned off is for SwiftKey, which I presume Microsoft has added as an on-screen virtual keyboard, which I don’t use. But I just turned that off for good measure. I would say that it’s NOT spelling errors that are being corrected - more like grammar or context errors - but it could be that I’m just getting senile and inserting the typo’s myself and don’t realize I’m doing it.

Thanks for the suggestion on seeing whether the change happens before I submit, prodigyplace. I just tried typing “insuree” and it gets change to “insure” after hitting a space, So it would seem to be local on my machine by your definition. OTH, the preview window for this site inserts all sorts of formatting as one types a web form, including link formatting, bold and italic, displaying uploaded pictures, etc., so I’m not sure that if it happens while you type, it’s necessarily local. I will continue to investigate and look for the registry setting mentioned in the link that pvc provided.

Edit Update: Replacing original image with two smaller images showing both autocorrect settings turned off in Windows 10 v.1809

image image


I guess Microsoft Edge is the likely culprit as if I switch to Google Chrome and do the “insuree” test, it does not get corrected. Various complaining posts on the web about Microsoft say that the connection between turning off Autocorrect in Windows and having the effect extended to Edge is broken. So perhaps a bit more benign neglect of Edge somewhat associated with the rumor that MS plans to ditch Edge and come up with a new default Windows browser based on the open-source Chromium standard that will allow the MS browser to employ Chrome extensions.


You are not alone in reaching that conclusion;

Oh, there’s a joke; Do you know what Microsoft Edge is really good for?
A. Loading Chrome or Firefox.

Though, it has a great epub reader.


Thanks for a great link. It’s comical and sad to read some of the frustration that users have experienced with autocorrect in Edge with no help from Microsoft in quite a few years that the problem has persisted. Ouch! Chrome, here I come!


At one time, I couldn’t connect to the Microsoft website if I used Chrome. Not so now. Chrome points out my spelling mistakes, but makes no effort to correct them. I keep hearing a lot of negative things about Chrome. But, I like it, though. Never cared for any of Microsoft’s browsers. I hear a lot of good things about Firefox, and I have installed it a few times and tried to use it. I always uninstall it a couple of days later. I just didn’t care for the Firefox way of doing things.


Edge is getting replaced with a Chrome based browser?


I like both Firefox and Chrome browsers.

But there’s one feature that beckons me to use Firefox. That feature is a user-privacy feature that allows deleting all history and cookies when exiting Firefox. With Chrome you have to manually delete your browser history/cookies.

So anytime I want to look like a brand new surfer, I simply exit my browser and start anew.


I guess if Edge is getting replaced with a Chrome-related browser that can run Chrome extensions (and possibly Android apps, at least in the system supporting the browser), that would solve (just) one of the big problems that Microsoft has with its locked-down, Windows Store apps-only version of Windows, Windows S. A lot of folks complain that they can’t use that more secure version of Windows because it can’t run Chrome - not a Windows Store app, so can’t be installed. (That) Problem solved?


More on Microsoft Edge with EdgeHTML being replaced by a Chromium Webkit Browser:

Paul Thurrott on his site predicts this is bad news for FireFox as that browser will now the the odd one out - whereas now developers and website curators can do less for all the other browsers that share a common base, FireFox will now be the point man in the position that was hard on Edge, developing for it will mean extra work not required for the others. Time will tell, I guess.