Is anyone using Phonak iCom wirelessly with their Mac?

I’m doing a trial with the Yes iX instruments. The iCom device paired beautifully with my iPhone, but when I try to pair with my MacBook Pro laptop, I get this error message:

“the device does not have the necessary services”

My audi contacted Phonak and they said it should be compatible, and to contact Apple and tell them the iCom uses Bluetooth version 1.2 and A2DP. I’ve posted on this at the Apple message boards.

Just curious if anyone else has tried to pair their iCom with their Mac. I had no trouble using the Oticon Streamer, am disappointed I’m having trouble with the iCom.

I just tried pairng my icom to my imac with 10.5.7 on it and initially it would not pair. So I hit the reset button and tried again and it is pairing fine now. Make sure your iCom has the latest updates if this still does not work.

yep, I’m running 10.5.7, too. Still no luck. Tried hitting the reset button, still nothing. First I get “error connecting to device”, then when I try again I get the first error I listed above.

I have no idea how to ensure the iCom has the latest updates, or how to update its software. I just looked through the entire iCom manual, if that is in there, I missed it.

I don’t think the problem is the iCom. I believe the problem is with your mac. The iCom is using the newest version of Stero Bluetooth A2DP. You need to make sure your mac has all updates for bluetooth to support that protocol. You might also need firmware updates for your bluetooth adapter.

Since the Streamer isn’t using stereo bluetooth, it uses an older bluetooth revision.

Your audi is the only one who can update the iCom’s firmware. But if you’ve been there recently, there should be no updates.

I’m running 10.4.7, and it paired like a dream the first try. (Sound is pretty lousy, but it works!)

OK, got it paired. Had a corrupted preference file.

Wow, the sound is horrible. Was hoping given it was stereo compared to the Dual’s mono that it would be better, but it may actually be worse.

Anyway, it’s up and running, thanks.

I am pleased to hear that you got it to work. Have you tried selecting bluetooth Headphones instead of Bluetooth Headset from System Preferences/Sound/Output to see if that helps with the sound quality. I suspect that headset quality (i.e) as in mobile phone headsets could be limited to about 3KHZ and at a much lower bitrate than for a headphone. I believe the iCom supports two types of Bluetooth audio in the fasion described above. I hope this makes sense. It’s worth a try though.

yep, using it with the headphones setting.

Not good.