Is a CI the right decision

I have been wearing hearing aids for about 4 years now. I have sever-profound hearing loss in my left ear and what was moderate hearing loss in my right ear until recently. 3 weeks ago my right ear suffered from SSHL. I started treatments the day after I lost my hearing in my right ear but there has been very little improvement. My ENT is continuing with the weekly injections but is directing me to CI specialist.
I have been trying to do a lot of research on CI but I keep coming back with mixed emotions. Part of what I find says a CI would improve my hearing to a better than what my hearing aid did before the SSHL. I also find the other end of the spectrum, stating that CI isn’t that good. My concern is I need my hearing for my job. As of know, I am on medical leave because I cant hear, but I know my employer wont keep me there for to long before they decide if I am fit for duty.
I am completely lost as what to do or decide. Can anyone help shed some light on this to help me make a better informed decision?

I can only say we all have to do what is best for each of us. But I would say that being able to hear is one of the most important thing that each of us can provide for ourselves, personally if I needed the CI to support my family and myself I would not hesitate to do it.


My take from reading others on the forum is that most who end up getting a cochlear implant are pleased and questioned why they waited so long. I’m sure there are horror stories of things going wrong, but I haven’t seen them on the forum. My impression is that the surgery has gotten more and more reliable.

Go get it, it is one of the best decision i made! Look at my audiogram, i’m not exactly deaf on the left ear.

I recently had a CI on my better ear 9 weeks ago, ie the one that had the SSHL 3 years ago. My other ear my ENT is convinced is congenital loss. My surgeon was positive that because the ear with the SSHL would give me the best result. He was correct, 4 weeks after activation, in my CI ear only I had a WRS of 98.5%.

So if you can convince your surgeon to do your SSHL ear also I think you will get a excellent result as well.
Good luck with your decision :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Thank toy for everyone’s input. I know it is the best decision to get the implants. Hopefully they will start with my bad ear to get some improvement.

@eniveparg just be aware that many people world wide are having big issues with the Hybrid array. I have many friends that have had to be reimplanted with the longer array because the array failed. This occurs 3-5 years after implantation. Here in Australia the Hybrid array (short array) has been removed from the market. This is the reason why I had to have the longer array, and still my surgeon managed to save a good portion of my residual…
Good luck with your decision.:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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