iPod usage with HA

When I get my open fit hearing aids, is there a way to listen to an iPod? I presume I can get the small earphones rather than earbuds, but will that be a problem. Are there any type iPods that can go utilize the T Coil? This is much less important than being able to understand speech again; but I would like to know if I should give my iPods to my kids or grandkids.

I don’t know much about Ipod’s.

If your Ipod is Bluetooth capable, then I would check into the
loop sets that transmit directly to your aids. ie Ipod ? to unit to
Aids (all wireless)

I use Bluetooth unit that runs from Cell phone to my aids, also
I use The Bluetooth from my portable computer using Streets and Trips
to talk directly to my aids which it gives me directions.

There are a few units out there, suggest you check out the
Bluetooth thread on the forum.


ps I use Artone but I know there are at least four other Mfgr’s.

Thanks for the info Tom. I will check it out.

There is an accesory sold by jabra (GN company)
which makes the Ipod bluetooth compatible
with such adaptor you can use
-I have fitted a few EPOQ’s with a streamer pretty well, this is a really expensive aid, but I know GN resound sell an adaptor for the Metrix, Azure and the Plus 5 (this isnt such an expensive aid Im sure) which can make the
hearing aid capable of receiving bluetooth signals…

The generic loopset can also work well… I have not tested the GN but I would tend to think it is OK since I believe GN is worldwide leader in the headset market

Nexium sickness

It is good to know there is a way to make it work. Thanks for everyone’s help.