iPhone vs Android



Might be a trolling post as if you go to the Google Play Store and look at the Oticon ON app, it still says:

"Please note

  1. The ON App for Android will not enable you to use your hearing aids for direct audio streaming from your Android phone."

Or, if you don’t like the Google Play Store as a source of reliable info, one can go directly to Oticon’s website and read this FAQ:

"Q: Can I make phone calls with my Android phone and stream the sound directly into my Oticon Opn hearing aids?

A: No. There is no Bluetooth standard supporting direct sound from Android smartphones to hearing aids at this time."


I use a Pixel phone for the same reason you prefer Android. My Oticon Opn hearing aids are paired to my phone with an Oticon ConnectClip that can be also used as a remote microphone. Easy setup and good solution if you don’t mind paying for the ConnectClip.


Pixel is an Android phone.


Trolling for a pretty small audience though

“Android and iPhone users can enjoy effortless connection to their phones, allowing them to answer phone calls directly in the OPN hearing aids”.

It’s weird.


What is weird, I have been hearing my cell phone callers in my hearing aids for almost as long as I have been using hearing aids. And it just keeps on getting easier tto do so. I have been streaming music to my aids from my phone and other devices for about 9 years. And I have streamed from my TV for about 9 years


With an external intermediate device…sure.
It’s only somewhat recently that Apple put up a solution for streaming audio and listening to phone calls (not totally hands free…phone mic near mouth). It’s even more recently that Phonak has come out with a hands free phone call solution (albeit in one ear). And now most recently adding streaming from any bluetooth device to that (and hearing phone call in both ears).


It’s weird that’s someone is claiming direct connectivity from Oticon aids to android phones when the only known protocol that could accomplish this (asha) has not been released yet.


I know of only one way to connect any other devices other IOS is with the connect clip


Well things seems to have changed


There seems to be some doubt as to the veracity of this report. There is NO mention of being able to do this on the Oticon site. I would think they would be yelling from the rooftops if they had this capability. They seem more than a little quiet.


I think this report means by using the connect clip


Perhaps. And all the Big 5 have intermediate devices to stream from anything. And have had, as you have said, for some time.
Apple’s closed proprietary MFi and now Phonak are what’s currently happening for connectivity without an intermediate device. The Quattros are “real soon now”.


I sincerely apologize if I misled you. I was fitted for my first pair of hearing aids last year. I am in my early 40s. It was a difficult adjustment as I imagine it is for many others. My husband asked my audiologist about the Android. We were told that you could use them to connect. I am so terribly sorry that it won’t work for you. I have used the connect clip for calls. It is glitchy. I returned it as it was more trouble than it was worth. On a side note: I joined the forum to see what others might be experiencing. Your post was the first listed in my advance search for “Oticon.” I was interested in your post as I want to find an Oticon community. I thought I might find others. It was never meant to troll. It is disheartening to me that others suggested my reply as such. I am new to the forum and must not understand the protocol. I wish you all the best in your plight.


Hi lgthunder6. I don’t think anyone accused you personally of trolling. That web page you linked to has us puzzled, that’s all. There is an Oticon community on Facebook if you’re interested. I don’t think you’ll find any more expertise there than you’ll find here. Welcome to the group.


I don’t have a horse in this race, but after having been an ardent opponent of the IOS ecosystem for years, it does have some significant benefits for the average user (and some significant pitfalls - Itunes PC desktop…).

Rather than get into the minutae of that though, the main benefit that I’ve run into is that all the devices operate consistently - whatever the type of phone, phablet or tablet, they all look and feel the same. Not so critical if you use one or two, but very useful if you run them for product demos, taking payments and illustrating apps in a few locations. I know you can emulate the same principle by sticking with one supplier of android phones and tablets, but (quite apart from the lack of integration of an accessible hearing aid connection) the look and feel of the Google Apps just doesn’t ‘sell’ as well - even if you ignore the underlying GUI.

I’m no fan of Jobs’ mantra, but making a ‘just works’ product with a minimum of fuss for your average boomer who doesn’t have a technical bone in them, is quite an achievement.


Well I was in the technology my whole life and didn’t like Apple for a long time. But after retirement I decided I no longer wanted to fuss with hardware or software so I move to the Apple products. Are they great, no but they integrate well together and my aids work very well with IOS


@lgthunder6 I’m so sorry that you were wrongly accused. I’ve only been here for a few months and I have found this forum incredibly helpful in getting my first hearing aids and sorting out using them with my phone to meet my wishes.

I have read many thousands of posts and some time back there was a very mean and negative person who has since left. Unfortunately, lately there are some who are quick to judge new posters here, not having the patience to treat those not “fully conversant” in proper HA use and terminology, with respect.

Please don’t be discourage by a few posts that did not understand that you were actually trying to provide useful information that you had encountered. It is worth the time to ignore those who are derogatory toward others. Overall this is a very helpful and caring community.


Thank you! I appreciate your kindness. I am still trying to learn how the forum works. I truly thank you.


HI Blue Crab,

I totally relate to your post. Like you, I love my Android phone. In my case, it is an old Samsung Galaxy V phone, which works perfectly well with the streamer for my Widex Beyond 440 hearing aids. This is notable especially because the Widex website does not even list this phone as being compatible with the hearing aids.

I won an Apple Mini Ipad 2 about 5 years ago, and I use it regularly, but I still prefer the Android system. My audiologist, however, keeps recommending that I get an Apple phone. She tells me her Android-loving patients much prefer the Apple phone once they try it. As my current phone no longer has sufficient space for my apps (it is only 16 mg), I am going to bite the bullet and try an Apple phone. If I am not totally over-the-moon about it, it will be returned and I will go back to Android, but a newer model, which I hope works as well with my hearing aids as my current phone does.

For many reasons, I dislike Apple products, but I will try to be open-minded and will report my experiences with an Apple phone on this blog.


We do get trolls here. You are a new member, and people don’t know you yet. Don’t lose heart, this really is a great forum. I can tell you that a few years ago you would have been chased away by the trolls that were regulars here. But things have changed for the better under new sponsorship.
You sound like your heart’s in the right place. Stick around, we’re glad to have you.

(I’m doing this on my phone. Took 3 tries to get it right. :persevere: )