iPhone vs Android



That is also very true for Android my wife has the Samsung note 8 and gets crap more often than I do on my iPhone and iPad. And you have to use a little common sense in the settings you have on your phone and apps.


I wasn’t seeing the customizability as having anything to do with apps. Android has a lot of user settings that allows the user to set it up as desired. From what I’ve heard, Apple does not. There’s even a joke to this effect that applied to Computer Operating systems. I think this is devolving again into another Apple versus Android thread again. Both are fine operating systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Maybe you need to spend some time going into the iPhone settings. And what I like is that most settings are in the phone setting and not that many in the apps themselves so the settings are not all over the place. I am not saying you should give up android I am just saying mayyyou need to take time to understand more about what you are putting down. I had android before IPhone, and I also know Microsoft and most Linux devs, and even UNIX. They all have there pros and cons. We all have to use what works for us and we should only tell others what we really know and not here say. Let others make up there own mines.


I started out with iPhones then switched to Android several years ago just because I wanted to try something different. I like to tinker so being able to root and install custom ROMs was a lot of fun! I’ve since moved on from rooting but have stayed with Android because I’m comfortable with the OS and I can get a decent phone for a lot less money. Just purchased a OnePlus 6T for a lot less than a new iPhone would have cost. I have the Phonak Brio 3 RIC’s and they do everything I need with Android.
My wife uses an iPhone and it’s a great phone also.


I never based it on any such thing, did I? It’s not quantity or variety, it’s funtionality. Look, when I chose Android, one big factor was that I didn’t wan’t to be locked into iTunes. Another big factor was Samsung’s S-pen. I don’t know if it’s true now, but back then Apple wouldn’t let you change the keyboard. Things like this mattered to me. As I said in my original post, now I’m commited. Even if every app on my phone was available on iTunes, I would have to spend several hundred dollars on them. And even then, Apple still doesn’t have an S-Pen. I know they have the Apple Pencil, but I don’t think it compares.

But you’re missing the big picture. My original post was about respecting other people’s choices. That’s all I’m asking.

If you look at some of the comments I have received regarding my preference, perhaps there is.


Fitaly Keyboard
SD Card (Well, not on my Note 5, but the Note 9 has it)
Custom Launcher
Samsung Pay (Works EVERYWHERE,not just where accepted.)


These apps don’t really apply to the iPhone anyway because these physical things that exist for the Samsung Android phone don’t exist in the iPhone.

However, they’re great attributes of the Samsung Android phones that would make me wish the iPhone has.

I’m one of those who switched from Android Samsung to iPhone purely because the MFI.


Look…for me, having lived through the rise of Apple and having been in computing for much of my working life…Apple make fine products. Beautiful design and all. But I always found them too high price for my needs. As I got more into computing I came to notice that they were only interested in their closed-in proprietary world. Nothing could get in. No one could get in to the system to tinker and make better. It was all tightly controlled as if to say “you WILL like how we’re presenting this to you”.
For this forum, sure…Apple did great to bring a wireless technology to hearing aids. Great. Still too expensive for their product (much like these things we stick in our ears). Sure I could buy used…but it’s used. One can never tell how abused.

Now we have Phonak who decided not to buy-in to the Apple world. They probably lost a lot of tech-savvy market share. The rest of the market were probably fine with them. Like my mother. But here we are with a real alternative to that closed-in proprietary world of Apple. I’m liking having the choice now.

As I said…I have neither an Apple or Android…or Phonak for that matter. But depending on how the market looks in a couple years…they will be my next aids. If for no other reason than that they didn’t go Apple.


Yea, I cheated a little. But I felt like it was in the right spirit. Maybe these weren’t all apps specifically, but they are the things that make me love Android, and more specifically Samsung Notes.

And just so no one misunderstands me, I am well aware that there is a long list of advantages that iPhones have over Android. I think iPhones are great products, and begrudge no one their choice.


Well said but unfortunately much of your arguments will likely not be understood by the iPhone sector here. Customizing Android almost has its own language. Rooting and custom ROMs are foreign to the iPhone crowd.


“Run what you brung…adapt and overcome” “opinions are like backside holes…everyone has one”
Just like car companies, there is and always will be “which brand is better” arguments. You will never change it and never be able to have a conversation without those arguments coming to the forefront. This thread starts off “good” and then trails in to, well you know…


For me, this forum is about sharing our experiences, both positive & negative for the purpose of helping other struggling users.

Although I have made my choice based on what works for me, I see both sides of the argument.

Just as a data point, it is probably not too surprising that today’s college students overwhelmingly use iPhones, based on my wireless data at a pretty large university. I realize this does not apply to most here, but it gives an idea of what society has generally chosen, likely based on marketing.


That’s the point.

I don’t like to be forced to use most apps the way the manufacturer has planed. With Apple I always miss an important feature that is not implemented. Android on the other hand is not perfect, too.
The main reason why I don’t switch to iPhone: I need to be connected to 2 devices at the same time (landline/Dect and Smartphone) and not only just paired! For this scenario I need a streamer anyway because actually no HA on the market is able to connect to 2 devices without a separate streamer. With a streamer one can connect to any bluetooth device, an iPhone has no longer any advantages for me as a HA user.


You have every right to like what you like. You don’t need to justify anything. Android vs iPhone? This forum is an example that both devices have their cult followers. So be it. I think the competition is good for consumer’s with an open mind.


I agree we are all different and should try all different devices and use the one we like best. I just don’t believe in bad mouthing the others choices like I have seen so much on this forum


I think the gist of the issue here more relevant for discussion relating to the hearing aids per se is not about Android vs iOS, but about whether it’s worth it to give up the Android system for the MFI in the iOS or not.


Which is exactly what my long winded post was trying to say. Thank you.


And that worth can only be decided by the user. There is so much that goes into the decision beyond just the hearing aids. When people make that decision whether or not it is worth it to them, we should all respect that decision.


Get used to it. It’s an inherent quality fo the human species. It is what it is.


I’m used to it, believe me. But that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it and try to encourage each other to do better. I myself am willing to admit that I benefit from correction every once in a while.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
~Proverbs 27:17