iPhone vs Android



Well said. I’ve been a Mac user since the early 90’s. I will go to my grave before changing to Windoze. I have a load of Apple stock. I did have the very first iPhone. I will never have another phone other than an Android.


I refuse to spend $1200 for an iphone. I work at a location that fixes iPhones. On average we see 2-3 per day to have batteries or screens replaced
If you own a new iPhone Xs you can expect to shell out $500 to have it fixed.
I am Android forever.


My wife has an iPhone SE, because she wanted a smaller phone, and these are pretty cheap. I have an iPod touch, and while I got an immense amount of use from it, after winning it in a drawing, I learned quickly to hate the Apple software and app dictatorship. I downloaded a Wi-Fi finder app soon after I got the iPod. It worked great, and I needed it, because as a truck driver, I needed to be able to get online with it. Then, one week, it was suddenly gone. No notice. It just wasn’t on the iPod screen any more. Come to find out the developers had a falling out with Apple, and Apple jerked their app off the store.

Whatever purpose you may use an iPhone for, keep in mind that Apple can force any app or software feature off the device any time they decide they don’t like it, and they owe you no explanation. How would you like waking up one morning and finding out that your hearing aid connectivity no longer worked?


Apple did move forward and took on the challenge of addressing hearing loss by baking hearing aid connectivity into the iOS software. While this no doubt had business potential, I appreciate the effort. It’s made my hearing loss less of a disability and given me back more control and enjoyment in my life. I think it’s pretty cool apple did this.


Yes and the only reason I switched to the iPhone. I have the Oticon OPN1 aids and I love not needing a streamer or any other connections. I also have the Apple Watch and I enjoy using it as my remote control


It’s kinda funny. I find Apple products difficult to use as they never seem to do what I expect in the way I expect them to. But I am seriously tempted to get an iPhone as my next phone simply because of the HA connectivity options. I know Google and Resound have announced something but to be honest, I don’t expect it to come to fruition any time soon.


I know Google and Resound have announced something but to be honest, I don’t expect it to come to fruition any time soon.

It may happen sooner now that Phonak has set the bar.


Yes leccy…Phonak is now…not “any time soon”.


Well, what’s funny about that is that the Note 9 is $1000. $1250 for the 500GB version. Although deals can usually be found. Not only am I a diehard Android fan, but also a devoted Note fan. The S-Pen is awesome. We passed on the Note 9, but will most likely get the 10. We’re already saving for them.


Had that happen with an app on the Play Store once. Something about Google felt like this app was a competitor of some sort.

No problem. Enable side-loading, find the app on another app store, and away we go.


I am old fashion. I still use my Samsung flip phone. I am retired, I have texting turned off as I want to hear who I am talking with. It works great with my Phonak UPs


That works on Android. Not on Apple.


Yea, that was exactly my point. It’s one of the reasons for my devotion to Android.


I have an app to monitor my battery usage. It used to be able to track usage per app, but Google took that ability away. Sort of. The developer gives instructions on how to access the developer option on the phone, and through the PC issue a command line permission grant. Woo hoo! That’s just one more reason I can’t give up on Android.


Nice. And just no way Apple would let you get under the hood like that.


FYI, the iPhone lets you track battery usage per app by default, under the settings menu.

No developer mode or extra steps needed. :wink:


Well, touché I guess. My point was more about being able to tweak the phone to make it do what I want it to. But I’ll give Apple 1 point for that anyway, I’m a good sport.


Touché indeed. My comment still stands :slight_smile:


To me it’s all about finding the best compromise for oneself. I think it best to keep in mind that one likely has multiple priorities and one needs to balance them when making a decision. If one has one overwhelming priority, one may get led down the wrong path for oneself. Until very recently, if one wanted a phone that would stream directly to one’s smartphone, the answer was get an iPhone. Surprisingly, it worked (as in it was a good enough compromise) for most people (but not all) Now Android options are starting to appear. We recently had somebody on the forum who got directed to Phonak’s Direct because he was an Android user. He hated the aids. The provider overly narrowed his choices. To me the takeaway from all of this is to figure out what’s important to you, do your research and come to a decision that you can live with. There is no perfect solution. I’m currently an Android user and have issues with Apple, but my pet peeve is the occasional person who goes on a rant at how lazy, stupid or take your pick Google, smartphone manufacturers, or take your pick are for not having come up with a direct streaming solution.


Agree. I use iPhone because it has worked (almost) flawlessly with my aids for 4.5 years. I get my daughter’s hand me downs. I try hard not to hate anybody or anything, I am willing to compromise to get what I feel works best.
Oh yeah, your smartphone wears GI-shorts. :slight_smile: