iPhone Telephone Call Captioning


I use InnoCaption to caption my calls on my iPhone. I have searched and my audiologist has searched for an alternative. There seems to be none.

The biggest problem is the audio lag induced by the program when I use the iPhone for both captions and calls.

Are there any alternatives?



This may be totally off base, but having to buy a new iPhone xr and set it up, I came across RTT in the accessibility under Hearing. It appears it is real time text described like close captioning with the mic still on. It has to be supported by your carrier. I don’t understand how it works, but perhaps you or someone else can explain if this will work.



Thanks - I didn’t notice that when I got my phone two weeks ago. I will look into it and test it (if I can).



Starkey’s latest hearing aid, Livio AI has talk to text in the APP.




I have brand-new Oticons.



Hi @steven_k,

I use InnoCaption as well and have never noticed an audio lag. I have an iPhone 8 with T-Mobile. Have you reached out to their tech support? They’re pretty responsive in my experience.



I did reach out to InnoCaption’s tech support. No word yet, but I think they’re 12 hours around the planet from me. It is possible the culprit is the combination of InnoCaption and our corporate Webex conferencing environment.

I tested with my desk phone (I can connect my Oticons and the ConnectClip to that phone, too) for audio and InnoCaption on my iPhone, and the audio lag disappeared. I am also going to test with my two iPhones (I have an X and an XR) using each in only one of the roles (audio and captions). That may take some time.



I had a similar lag issue with InnoCaption yet it was better than the insane minutes lag with CapTel.

I also had issue where most of the time when I needed it, I would get all operators are busy.

Now I just use VRS and don’t have those issues. I have had people on VRS comment about a lack of delay because the interpreting was so fast.



@zephren - “VRS” = ???



VRS = video relay service

My primary communication is American Sign Language (ASL). When I make calls, I dial using the VRS app that opens a video chat window. I see the ASL interpreter sign and the interpreter speaks my signs. There is also an option of VCO (voice carryover) where if I want I can speak for myself yet, when the hearing person on the other end speaks, their words are signed to me. See sorenson.com for more info on how this works. Of course if you do not sign then that is not an options available.

I mostly just sign but I have used VCO during the interviews since everyone seems to want to start with a phone interview. I found I had been luck of getting to the next level when I used VCO than if I just signed and let the interpreter voice for me.



Understood. I know only a few, scattered signs.



The issue may be that InnoCaption (to my knowledge) is a US only platform as it’s funded by the FCC for Americans with hearing loss.



Support seems to come from somewhere else.