iPhone sms "ringtone" for hearing aids!

What on earth there is not “play sms ringtones” @ iphone 13.3.1?
I want to say some lovely words to their for it.

What is the email where I can do this?

It needs to work like the phone calls’s ringtone.
What they are thinking of why we have hearing aids???
(Phone calls’s ringing is works perfectly.)

13.1 allowed alerts, unless you turn them off, or silence the phone, to go to the hearing aids. Every version since has not allowed it. Pet peeve of mine too. Here is the link I use to send them a report of a bug every time they come out with a new version where alerts do not work.

iPhone Feedback

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The same link that so many of us sent in a bug report when the notifications were sent to our aids. We need to work together to get an option to either have them or not and not Just having notifications or no notifications. The ones of us that don’t want them to our aids do want them left on the iPhone. We are the ones that while we need aids to understand speech we don’t need aids to hear notifications. Apple has to understand this and give us the options to choose how we want to hear the notifications.

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Have you considered using the banner on the lock screen feature that lets you SEE alerts rather than hear them? It doesn’t disturb you or the others around you.

I use it too but I also want either the vibration or the sound to my speaker and most of the time both, just not interrupting my phone or other streaming conversations that are coming to the aids. It totally stops the conversation and I end up missing important information

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Thank you.
We have to send a lot of a lot of lot of f…ing mails about it to reach on their tumbly brain that this very basic function need for hearing impaired people.

Does the Phonak Marvel allow message alerts through the aids or has iOS 13.3.1 stopped it for all hearing aids?

I asked my wife, she has the KS9 aids. She does get phone call rings and also text messaging alerts in her aids.
She has the iPhone 8+ with the ios 13.3.1 update.

I have 13.3.1 update and I get a notice in my aids.

I hope the Marvels or next Bluetooth aids are the same as these will be my future hearing aids.

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Marwell users, please not here.

Simple MFI aids! All of other brands, much more people use these! We bought because work these with iPhone, just iPhones worked with hearing aids then.

When you get a simple “gsm sms” hear you the “sms ringtone” in your aid when your phone in silent? Does it work as the “calling ringtone” do?